"My Name is Earl" -- 5/1/2008 episode

Well … my theory, wild as it might sound, is that this episode, which btw I really enjoyed, is someone’s dream. Don’t beat me up, please! It’s just that it had so many happy endings (heh), plus there’s the whole Randy and the bird thing. Gotta chuckle about that, 'cause we all know that Randy is scared to death of birds, all birds! I’m just not sure whose dream it is; maybe Randy’s - although the whole bird thing you’d think would be a nightmare for him, and not fit in with the rest of the happiness of the episode. It could also be what Billie was dreaming while she was in a coma. I dunno.

I did love the episode, though! Frank has a foot fetish, which shouldn’t surprise anyone–dude is totally weird. :wink: And where were Earl and Randy’s parents?! I’m hoping we’ll see more of them before the end of the season.

How much “Earl” have you watched? :smiley:

Heh, have you not paid attention the last couple years? :wink:
One of Joy’s best lines: “Boys, go get momma’s stripper shoes out of your Lego box!”

Crabman: “That bitch is crazy”
(in the one where they had stolen fancy silver from the library. You know, it had a ‘C’ engraved on it for ‘Cilverware.’

On the other hand, Randy has a childlike need to fiddle with everything and has demonstrated an inability to foresee consequences, like that if he fiddles with the bird’s door the door will open and the bird will get out. Even his mother admitted that Randy is “simple.”

Is it sweeps week? Having an episode with so much Catalina and so much Billie AND having them perhaps maybe sorta “get together” seems like the stuff that male Earl fans’ dreams are made of.

Plus the fact that now Billie has $100,000, so maybe she and Earl can work on the list together again.

I think the phrase was “Our naked breasts pressed together and our long smooth legs intertwined.” I’ll be in my bunk.

For that, and your username, I love you madly. Will you be my unrequited invisible internet friend crush?

We watch the episodes online and they seem so short–21 minutes is not enough Earl-time.

I’m looking forward to hearing more from Randy’s notebook–perhaps the fruit in the pocket thing has something to do with conquering his bird fear? Prolly not.

Between that and the Catalina Jump and Randy not being able to proceed past Catalina being half naked (I hope it’s the front half) it’s a wonder hetero guys stick around for The Office. :stuck_out_tongue:

Joy (flashing Randy): You know where babies come from, Randy?
Randy: Yes, out of that fuzzy lighting bolt down there.

I don’t know. I just watched it on Hulu and I wasn’t all that impressed. I feel that this season, the show has lost its direction. It still has some funny jokes but it feels like they’re lurching back and forth.

Earl’s in prison - Tell some prison jokes - Earl’s out of prison
Earl goes back to being bad - Tell some Earl goes bad jokes - Earl goes back to being good
Earl’s in a coma - Tell some coma jokes - Earl wakes up
Catalina’s a lesbian - Tell some lesbian jokes - Catalina goes straight

That’s why there is a 30-minute gap between Earl and The Office - so us guys can take care of business. :wink:

Seriously? The jumping up and down thing she does at the strip club? Do guys actually find that erotic?! Seeing someone’s boobs bounce from jumping looks absurd to me, just as would seeing some guy’s penis waggling around while he jogs. I thought that was just one of the jokes of the show is the absurdity of guys finding that attractive.

No, a hot girl bouncing up around like that is not absurd- just hotness in motion!

I thought the joke was Catalina was so hot she didn’t need to do anything erotic to be attractive. Like an actor skilled enough to attract a crowd by reading a phone book.

I take it as purely as setup for the line “I will not jump for Joy.” and then continued as something of a running (?!) gag.

Scenes at Chubby’s presents something of a problem. Can’t do nudity. Can’t even do real stripper clothing. Can’t do a lot of bump and grind stuff. So what does that leave? Plus this is Camden. Apparently there are some guys there who are weird enough to pay for Patty the Daytime Hooker. Wouldn’t you rather watch Catalina jump than spend time with Patty? It’s all relative.

That was the main appeal of The Man Show. Juggies. On trampolines. (Not waggling penises, I mean.)

*Ziggy Socky! Ziggy Socky! Hoy! Hoy! Hoy!

Missed a few episodes
What happened between Catalina & Randy?

As far as I can tell, they have just let that drop. They haven’t furthered the plot too much past where he left her bed in hurry.

This is as good a place as any to insert a lame joke I made this morning over my coffee.