"My Name is Earl" -- 4/17/2008

What did you guys think of last night’s episode?

Carl kissing Earl on the forehead nailed it for me.

Other than that, it had its funny moments, especially with Darnell:

“Whenever white people come up to me and start whispering it’s about pot.”

It was a good episode. More like the classic Earl we all know and love. No dopey sitcom-within-a-sitcom. It was all about the list and trying to earn karma points and Earl in over his head because of less than savory behavior. And how despite Randy’s comment, “I thought you said you loved us both equally,” Carl indeed loves Earl as much as Randy. And how, deep down, Earl’s father must be proud of Earl’s efforts to turn his life around and make up for his past mistakes.

I like how they explained why Earl’s parents weren’t at the hospital, and not at his “intervention.” Instead of just blowing it off and leaving us to wonder why they weren’t there if they’re obviously alive and living in Camden, they made a whole episode that included them, and wrote in Randy forgetting to mention what was up.

“Earl’s is a coma??” “Earl was in prison??”


“My hair is dead…”

Was I dreaming or did the drug dealer guy call Beau Bridges “Lebowski?”

He called him Lebowski – which is a great nod to Beau’s brother :wink:

Of all the shows to come back from the writers’ strike, this one is the best. I wondered how they would deal with Earl in jail, and it was great. Then I wondered what would happen with Earl in a coma – and it’s even better.

“Earl was in jail?!”

This was definitely Beau’s best turn on the show yet–a terrific performance and a very funny ep. I can live with minimal coma-Billie if it means maintaining this level of quality.

I wonder how many times Randy is going to “Dibs” Catalina before the series is over.

“You couldn’t have mentioned something when you were here for lunch last week?” was the kicker.

Really good. Bridges nailed it at the end. While the other post strike eps have had their moments, this one was the only classic.

How about Joy’s exchange with the dealer?

“We used to call you Forefinger Sucker!”
“Yeah, well, I wasn’t the only one in high school whose nickname ended in ‘Sucker.’”
“But, unlike you, my nickname just made me more popular.”

How do they get away with this stuff? :smiley:

Also, I’m going to start substituting “crabs” for “dollars” from now on. Hey, Crabman!

There were some great moments in this episode. I loved watching Joy mouth off to her captor, despite the fact that he was holding a gun to her head. I really enjoyed the way Earl’s dad was appreciative of his opportunity to be an “action hero”. I teared up at the final scene with the dad kissing Earl on the forehead – that was really sweet!

I do hope that Earl comes out of the coma soon, though!

Aha! I thought it had something to do with when, right before that, he said “Don’t call me dude!”. And I thought “why did he call him Lebowski, when he said he doesn’t want to be called dude”?

I believe it was actually floor finger sucker. Wasn’t the story that he would curl up on the floor and suck his fingers?

Favorite lines:

“Flavored vodka’s for sissies and pregnant women!”


“Pot kills brain cells and you only got one brain, but you got two livers.” (They’ve referred to livers in the plural before.)

I’m getting to where I can’t stand Randy, though.
“Why didn’t you mention this when you were here for lunch last week?”
“I got distracted alright!”

I would have bet 100 crabs it was FOREFINGER Sucker. But you’re right. I went to nbc.com and had another look at the episode. They called him Floor Finger Sucker.

The exchange was still hilarious, all the same.

Crabman sniffing Beau’s shirt to determine what kind of pot they needed. Awesome!

I just watched this, and I thought Beau Bridges was excellent. Dad in the wig at Woodstock was bizarre! The kiss at the end was special.

It’s time for Earl to wake up soon, though.

Well so far it is unanimous. This was a great episode. IMO, the best this season.

As others said, the last bit at the end was great.