My Name is Earl - 11/1

This show is the goofiest, most hilarious thing I’ve seen in a long time.

Joy is such a greedy biatch. A hot tub? And Earl taking a knife in the leg to help that little girl. What a great guy! The whole concept of the Prettiest Pretty pageant sponsored by the lawnmower manufacturer was bizarre, as well as the stupid figurine!

And his buddy who kept touching the radiator. What a doofus.

It’s so stupid, but it works well! Funny, funny show.

Another funny show.
BTW, The Buddy is his brother.
The scene with the Toe-Nail clippings was bizarre.
I really enjoy this show. I hope they can keep it up.

I watched it for the first time last night - it was ok
my friend thinks the show is great - he’s dubbed it “Touched By A Redneck”

Glad it was good. My bleeping DVR didn’t record it. It was set to record both House and Earl, and it will record two things simultaneously if and only if you turn the DVR off, which we forgot to do. At least we got House.

I’ll try to catch it the rerun. I prefer shows on cable - at least you know they’ll re-run it a thousand times if you miss it. With the networks you sometimes only get 2 chances.

Thank God! I thought they weren’t growing.

That works. :slight_smile: I think there was a line in one of the episodes alluding to Touched by an Angel.

At first I thought this episode was a little over the top – knife-throwing as a beauty pageant skill, and the silly figurine as first prize – but then I decided the ridicule was well-placed.

I loved the brother sniffing where Catalina had touched him, and his “Choo choo!” (“Chew chew?”) at the real Frosted Flakes.

The only thing that bugs me is Joy’s kids. Earl lived with them for a few years at least, and he has no connection with them at all. I guess Crab Man’s filling the daddy role, but it seems kinda cold, that Earl just ignores them.

what is Earl’s timeline? I got the impression that he and Joy had split “many” years ago, perhaps when the older kid was but an infant, because of her involvement with Crab-Man (and do I want to know why he’s called that?) hence Earl saying “they’re not my kids” (or whatever he’d said to that effect)

IMHO - that was the best bit in the whole episode

I’m pretty sure that Joy had one child before she met Earl, that he married her when he thought she was pregnant with his own child and that he left when the 2nd child turned out to be Crab Man’s. Maybe he stayed for longer than that but it makes sense for Crab man to have the fatherly relationship with Joy’s kids since he is the biological father for one of them.

abyrose, He’s called “Crab Man” because he works at a Crab Shack.

It’s not anything nefarious. He works at a restaurant that serves crabs.

lol - that was my favorite line too.

On Halloween we were at the in-laws house with all the gang. I was playing with my 8 month old daughter, and showed a few people how if I hold a finger out in front if her she reaches up and touches it with her finger “just like the monkey in ET.” My brother-in-law laughed and said “I was just thinking that!”

“If I stab you in the leg won’t that hurt?”

“Aw it’s not that bad. I’ve been stabbed by lots of girls. It really only hurts when they twist it, pull it out and stick it back in.”

I don’t know how long they were together.

I remember a quick scene with Earl sitting on a couch and the kids running around like wild men. From that I figured that he and Joy were together at least until the youngest was old enough to run around like a wild man.

I want to know why he’s called Crab Man too. I hope it’s related to his cooking skills, and not to that other thing.

Earl stayed with Joy for a few years after Earl Jr. (who is actually Darnell the crab man’s son) was born. He gave a reason in the pilot, but I can’t remember what it was. Joy tricked him into signing the divorce papers when he was in the hospital, just before he set off on his mission to right all his previous wrongs. At the time, he had lost the winning scratch-off ticket.

Crab-man is just called that because he works in the crab restaurant.

Not Earl’s kids. Earl was dragged off drunk to Vegas by a 6 month pregnant Joy.
Thus the older Child. Then without ever warning him Earl helped deliver the child she had had by cheating on Earl with Crab-Man.
While Earl was in the hospital, on morphine, Joy served him and got him to sign divorce papers. She said, Earl Jr. should be with his real dad so Crab-Man is moving in.
This was before she found out about the lottery ticket.

Earl is not related, was treated like complete shit by Joy and she still is threatening his friends and trying to steal his money. Also Earl mentions in every opening he was a dirt bag.

I also thought it was nice when Randy and Crab Man were so emotional during Joy’s rendition of “Wind Beneath My Wings.” Crab Man is so supportive of her. It’s touching.

“There’s too many doctors in the world. Listen to your mother.”

Heh. I think the sappy music in the background in that scene made it even funnier.

She’ll probably walk all over him one day like she did Earl
(BTW - I’ve always thought that actress plays such a delicious bitch - loved her in Not Another Teen Movie)

True, he admits he was a dirt bag. Makes me wonder if the kids are somewhere on his list. #39: Never tried to be a daddy to Joy’s kids.

In some earlier episodes, in flashbacks it looks like he tried to be a Daddy. She shut him out and very coldly. I am not sure if he would have any regrets. I get the feeling that Earl would not look at it the way you did. I get a strong vibe of, “Well I made of go at it, they’re not mine and I am well shut of it”. just my opinion.