My Name is Earl 10/2

Surprised no one has started this thread already. Excellent 2 half hour shows last night. Seems that Earl is getting back to the excellent format and writing that made Season One so enjoyable.

Joy was in true form. She talks so fast and says so many outrageous things I have to rewind and watch again. One of my favorites last night was “Why’d you put the foil down shiny side up? Now I’ll have to wear underwear when the boys are home.” “When I get home we can do it fishy style.” What is fishy style?

Randy was hilarious with all his hat personality changes. He didn’t just change accents, but his whole vocabulary changed. Not that he made any more sense when he used them.

I know all you he-men out there were drooling when Catalina was changing clothes is the front seat of Earl’s car. Even my eyes were bugging out.

Welcome Back Earl.

Fishy style would be in the water, silly! I loved both episodes. Jerry Van Dyke was great! I haven’t seen the second half of that episode yet.


“You might want to wipe off that gas pedal. I toed it pretty good.”
Earl’s hair when he got done at the hairdresser’s.
Randy’s imaginary friend came back, and he’s drinking again. Hee!

Duh! Fishy style/hot tub.

Just remembered about the RV. Kids got taken by Child Services so Earl and Joy took a much needed vacation because they knew the kids were safe.
Earl bringing wine to Joy in wineglass “They put wine in glasses with legs on them.” Randy “That way the wine gets to your mouth quicker.”

I love this show.

Her toe was gross. Then someone spilled milk on the floor at the bar…ewwwwww!

I thought the serious moment with Joy and Earl in the car watching her children kinda worked. Stuff like this in sitcoms can be pretty sketchy but I thought it was nice.

Besides that, they were pretty funny episodes.

I actually choked up a little- esp when Earl reassured her that she was a good mother.

Of course, I also choked up when Catalina changed into her work clothes, but it wasn’t because of sentimentality.:smiley:

I had to rewind the, “Randy come in here! We look like cartoons!” part about 3 times.

This show never fails to get me to laugh.

I liked Darnell’s notion of God’s sense of humor. He’s afraid to get in a hot tub because he boils animals to death all day, and he thinks he’ll be stricken down as soon as he gets in.

Also, Darnell used to work in bioweapons?

We continue to learn little nuggets about Darnell all the time. One day we may learn why he likes cheese so much. As noted above, it is hinted that this season we will find out why he is in the witness protection program.

Umm, that wasn’t milk. “It popped again.”

I also liked Earl’s one-sentence recap of the previous season. “Joy, do you still have that Realdoll that you put in the bed so Darnell wouldn’t notice when you went to Mexico so you wouldn’t go to jail, but I went to jail for you instead, then I got out, gave up karma, got hit by a car, went into a coma and dreamed I was in a sitcom world?”

Oh, I know. Still gross.

Two brilliant episodes. The ‘we look like cartoons’ bit was fantastic.

I am really enjoying this new season. It has gotten off to a hilarious start (four episodes already!) and I hope that they can continue this level of hilarity throughout the coming months. It is just so much better than last season – I got really tired of those prison episodes!

Didja notice that Randy was eating cat food (clearly shown on the box) as if it were cereal when he heard the explosion, looked up, shrugged, and went back to eating? Man, I love Randy. Last week, I just about busted a gut when Randy pulled the head off Milo, the truth-telling puppet, to keep him from telling his dad that Mom had cheated on him.

This show is back in a big way, much better than the lows/unfunnyness of last season. I’m really enjoying it again.

I especially appreciated the end of the first episode with Earl and Randy in bed, just talking. They’ve gotten away from that since the first season or two. Two brothers bonding in the same way since they were kids, talking about the day’s events or sometimes talking about nothing at all…

That was stellar.