My Name is Earl 9/28

A fifteen minute set up just so Catalina can say, “I don’t jump for Joy.” Beautiful!!

Oh, for the men Dopers…“Half naked Catalina.” Hell, I’ll even throw in a “Half Naked Joy” along with “Jello.”

Enjoy. :smiley:

I thought Earl’s eye twitching was going to turn out to be more than what it was, and I liked how they continued the story from last week.

We nearly choked at “I don’t jump for Joy.” I couldn’t believe I fell for that whole setup just for that one line – or that they actually tried it in the first place.

God, I love this show.

I think that’s one of my favorite skewers, up there with a line from Deep Space Nine

“Lions and Geigers and Bears.”

“Oh my!”

I missed a lot of Joy’s lines! Guess I’ll have to turn on the captions.

Randy fading out at “half naked Catalina” cracked me up, several times.

To Joy’s credit, when Catalina went in to hear her apology, she did start in about how Joy was jealous because she was hotter than Joy.

Lots of cattiness about who was hotter, ending up with Joy ripping open her prison jumper to prove her boobies (oops, sorry Chubby…breasts) were bouncy enough to float Catalina’s family over the river.

What was up with Catalina’s cousins being shot execution style at the Festival of Redemption? Holy cow, it’s a wonder that girl is as cheerful as she is.

This is now one of my favorite episodes. Joy was hilarious (“You’d be laughing if you could see how I spelled that in my head”), Randy was in top form (“I wonder which half of her is going to be naked? I hope it’s the front half”), we had lots of half-naked Catalina, and Earl’s comment about…

Huh? Oh, I was going to say that I loved Earl’s line about how wearing a bikini and dancing was “like going to the beach, except that instead of getting sand in your crack, you get dollar bills” but then I thought about a half-naked Catalina and I forgot what I was…

Oh, umm, I’ll be in my bunk.

My only complaint about last week’s season opener was that Catalina was not featured. Its good to see that that concern was addressed in tonight’s episode.

That did come out of left field, didn’t it? I can’t wait for the backstory on that one.

I think she’s made reference to gruesome family tragedies before, but we never got the whole story on any of them.

…Best…Episode…Ever!.. Okay, Katalina jumping repeatedly on stage was a little weird, but she took one for the team for the “I don’t jump for Joy” joke. Burt Reynolds is looking like he has Micheal Jackson syndrome. When do we get to see the real dance off between Joy and Katrina?.. Okay I’m back. I liked that Earl found that he had a real friend. I wonder if Joy is going to have to do real time?

Eeep. Katrina = Catilina

The funniest line for me was the throwaway about how Chubby’s allows sweatpants. It’s probably only funny if you’ve ever had a lapdance, though.

She’s referenced the ‘River of Blood’ and not being able to get water from a specific well because that’s where they dump bodies. She says it all very nonchalantly, and we never get the whole story.

I loved Randy spacing out while thinking about Catalina half-naked. What did Earl call it, getting caught in a brain-loop?

Ewwwww…I did not need that image in my head. And since I’m a straight lady, half-naked Catalina is not going to help!

I think Catalina also made some reference to her mother trying to kill her or something.

I’m just happy they kept the “I don’t jump for Joy, I jump for Earl” from become a romantic crapfest.

It was the Mother’s Day ep, in which Catalina mentioned her mother was dead, to which Earl &/or Randy responded “Oh, I’m sorry” and she replied “That’s OK, it was either her or me.”

BUT in the “Smokey & the Bandit” ep, when Earl told Randy that he always got to be Smokey because he had the mustache, Catalina said “My mother could be Smokey.”

Oh, I forgot…Donald Trump is a fictional TV character.

Hee hee hee.

Randy called dibs, and I think for the sake of karma Earl will respect that.

“Chubby’s Pulled Pork.” Heh.

I liked this episode, but as a straight female, it didn’t do as much for me as it did for some of y’all. Actually, I thought Randy was acting borderline creepy a couple of times.

Is this the first episode in which Earl didn’t even try to cross something off his list? It’s actually a good sign that they’re willing to do that once in a while.

I did like the judge’s reaction when Randy asked the judge to crack the walnut with his “judge hammer”. And Joy trying to make a deal by ratting out one of her fellow prisoners while being dragged out of the courtroom.

Well, color me underwhelmed. My wife and I - both big fans - agreed it was the weakest ep yet. Best (only good?) line was “Made(maid?) in America.” Damn, Burt looks bad.