My Name Is Earl, Oct 11

Worst of the season so far, but still pretty funny.

The writing seemed lazy, especially when they went to the same well with Randy about 4 times. After the third time, my toes hurt.

Nice to see Catalina in a bikini, but I missed Jamie Pressley.

It was a tad off.

Agreed, it was the weakest so far, but I still thoroughly enjoyed it.

The ways Earl and the other guy tried to get out of dating this girl really had me going.

“Aren’t there any other motels in this town?”

The bits with Randy going on and on were VERY lame.

BUT, they made up for it with earl playing blindfold pinata party. . .just begging for a crack to the skull. I thought it was a nice wink to the viewer.

Overall, I thought it was pretty funny. The woman was a pretty humorous character.

Catalina in a bikini MORE than makes up for lack of Jaime Pressley. Hell, Randy in a bikini is practically better than Jaime Pressley. :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh, I forgot to mention my favorite joke from this episode:

Earl: How often do they change the bed-spreads here?

Catalina: I don’t know, I’ve only worked here a year.
:smiley: :eek:

So so. My favortie line was “does your hooker work here too?”

That would just be wrong, which is not as good as right, because right is right and wrong is wrong. It’s better to be right, because being wrong isn’t so good. Not as good as being right…

This is only the second episode I’ve seen. Not as good as the pilot but still pretty good. For some reason, the transition from the family picture to the tacky crystal version had my cracking up.

I agree this was the weakest episode so far. But I still laughed about the paper-mache Earl.

Jason Lee reacting to all the odd balls he encounters is worth the price of admission.

When the girl was talking to the Earl doll!

I love how Earl thinks karma is magic. Like it won’t let him find a pen.

One other thing I like. I like how they have this running bit with people saying “Hi, Earl” at odd times. The CrabMan does it when joy is berating Earl and now the whoremonger does it when he is walking around in his robe. It is subtle but always gets a giggle out of me.

Oh. And not that it is in danger of beign cancelled (it was picked up for the season), here are the overnight ratings. Earl was #2 in his timeslot!

And I get a chuckle out of the running gag that Earl always has his eyes closed when his picture is taken.

Folks didn’t like it? Or didn’t like as much?

Man, I really liked this episode.

I didn’t think anyting fell flat. Randy’s circular explanations were great.
I liked that they didn’t understand that ET was an alien in the movie… “You look like that little monkey in ET.” “That was just like when that little girl meets the monkey in ET.”

“Men are different than women. Remember when we talked about that Earl?” The way he said it was so fatherly.

The papermache’ Earl was funny… Earl making it talk to the girl like puppet as he left was fanfrickingtastic.

I liked the way Earl kept referring to the papier mache as “wet newspaper art”.

“The wet newspaper me gave a nice decorative touch to the room.”

The routine at the end with the piñata was great, especially Earl’s reaction when he smashed the lamp.

I loved this episode. I thought the writing was dead on for this. My favorite ‘offensive, but funny here’ comment is, “Pepe’s a Mexican name…jose, pablo, pepe…yeah mexican :)”

I didn’t love the Randy non-sequiters, but his delivery is so funny, like he thinks he’s saying different things. I laughed.

I wish I could change my name to ‘Pepe The Klump’ :smiley:
So, why was Randy retuning the hot dogs to the convenience store? Is he cleaning up his act too?

When Earl did the squeaky voice for the paper mache bust, that cracked me up, since the voice of the bust should be his voice. I can’t explain why I thought that was so damn funny but I was snickering about it for about 10 minutes.

I guess I was just in a weird mood when watching that whole episode, 'cause when Earl put his head on whatshername’s shoulder and said, “Pweeeeease go on a hike wif me!” I just found that sooooo sexy. Normally cutesy babytalk makes me want to puke, but the fact that he was willing to do it to try to cheer her up was awful sweet.

Admit it, you just have a huge crush on Jason Lee and his beautiful pron-stash.

I got a good laugh when Randy started giving Earl Flower arranging advice, then we see how he worked for a florist for 10 minutes and complains about the squeaking the first time. Of course the glass makes that sound when it’s clean!

I liked the running gag with the guys suddenly having bits of wisdom that they overheard on TV.

Last night’s episode wasn’t the strongest of the whopping four we’ve seen so far, but I still liked it.