My Name is Earl 11/9

What, no thread? Dammit, this is a Catalina-centric episode! Get in here and share your thoughts.

I like how they fixed something on Earl’s list, and he was still grumpy about it – knocked over Catalina’s beer. Heh.

Catalina cleaning up bullet casings and fancy cheeses.
Earl: “Fancy cheeses?”
Randy: “The people in the hot air balloon fought back.”

Joy: “That’s the good thing about already havin’ three strikes. You don’t have to worry about the stupid laws any more.”
Catalina: “Oh my God, you used to be hot! What happened to you?”

Oh, and a truly great Catalina line: “I need to feel good about something before I kill someone again!”

Loved all the attempts of Darnell to win back Joy. The sock puppets were just too funny, the brown sock with the 'fro and the blonde with red lips.

Also liked the ambiguous signs of love from personal trainer girl repeated exactly with Earl, the burned CD, the kiss exactly halfway between the ear and mouth, constant references to being friends, just like #75 recounted in his story.

What did the billboard say? It went by before I could catch all the wording.

Missed the bed scene with Earl and Randy, But we did have a bed scene with them and Darnell earlier, not quite the same though.

What was up with Catalina? It sounded like the actress was trying to talk through a mouthful of saliva.

So, Darnell is Harry Monroe. And at least the kids know the story of Harry Monroe. I wonder how soon before they start sharing that story?

I know they’re supposed to be trailer park trash, but someone, please, cut Darnell’s son’s hair. I refuse to believe Joy, who is always so well put together, would let her son go out like that.

Oh, and for the men…Catalina is moonlighting at Club Chubby.

I think she always sounds like that, but maybe it’s just me. It always seems to me that she’s over enunciating everything. It bugs me.

I loved how they didn’t make Earl a saint in this episode. He was disappointed the other guy got the girl.

I didn’t think the actress playing Catalina did a particularly good acting job last night. Her delivery was often stilted.

Lavender, I also noticed how stilted Catalina sounded, and figured that it was done on purpose. As I thought about it, I realized most of her lines sound like that, but she rarely gets more than a few. I think the producers / directors / actress are trying to show that she’s ‘not from around here’, while also making her easily understandable.

That makes sense.

I’m not an ESL teacher. But perhaps someone speaking English as a second language would make a greater effort to enunciate words more carefully?

I’m not a huge Nadine Velazquez fan. She’s pretty, yes, but she doesn’t do all with the role she could (esp. compared with such first-rate hams as Jason Lee, Jaime Pressly and Eddie Steeples). I don’t like Randy, either, but I can’t figure out if it’s the way the role is written or the way Ethan Suplee plays it . . .

That, and they tend not to use contractions.

This episode was much more “jokey” than others. Most episodes let the jokes come from the characters and how they view things but this episode had a lot of jokes for jokes sake. Characters would make jokes that didn’t really fit their character.
Wasn’t it just like last week that someone pointed out the problem of the Darnell/Witness Protection program story with his family being in Camdem County as well? I was surprised that that wasn’t addressed at all.

The final shot with the camera pulling back from the trailer’s window s DArnell tells the kids his story… I really thought someone was going to be at the window listening.

Ah, young people who don’t know how much effort is involved in maintaining a 'fro. Joy and Darnell don’t merely let him go out like that, one or the other has to keep Earl Jr’s hair well picked to maintain that look.

Nadine Velasquez ain’t much of an actress and she has to work on her diction (don’t Hollywood studios keep diction coaches on staff anymore? the whole business has gone straight into the dumpster since the bean counters took over) she is AWFUL PURTY and that makes up for a lot. I suspect they didn’t realize how big her part would become when she was cast.

That might be how the other guy ended up in Compton.

We had an Amber Alert break up the show right at the climax. I saw Earl decide he was going to go for it with Jenny McCartney (smokin!) after she thinks the letter is his, and then the next thing I know, they’re crossing the guy off the list (and Earl spills Catalina’s beer).

So, what happened in between?

Someone will come along with a detailed explanation, I’m sure. Simple take - Catalina cockblocks Earl.

I have no problem with Earl’s character giving in to his desires in that situation, but haven’t we already seen evidence of what Karma does to him when he falls out of line?

Well, I guess I was wondering how–does Catalina narc on Earl to Jenny? Does she tell the listee to confess to being the author? Does she guilt up Earl to do the right thing? I guess a little more detail is all I’m looking for.

Earl didn’t do the right thing. He didn’t tell Jenny that he wrote the letter. Catalina interrupted Jenny and Earl kissing and heard them make plans to meet up later at the Crabshack. Later, Catalina brought the other guy to see Jenny since she knew that Earl was going to keep Jenny for himself. Jenny and the other guy back together and Catalina bought Earl a beer and told him that she understood why he did the good things, it did give her a good feeling.

Nadine is very pretty and gets some good lines. I agree she is not a very good actress.
However, Ethan Suplee has routinely been the best part of the show for me and I love his delivery. It is always hard to remember he is not Randy. This is the same actor that played the Neo-Nazi in American X. He appears to be a good character actor as he lets us forget he is an actor.
Joy is a delight, rubber faced, great timing, and nearly pure selfish evil. I never expected this out of Jaime.
Jason Lee makes a good center without being all that funny. I would compare him to Hal Linden or Judd Hirsh. I have really enjoyed his acting in the Kevin Smith movies and “Almost Famous”, so I was pre-disposed to enjoy his acting. Not bad for a Pro-skate boarder.
Eddie Steeples pulls off a close to Idiot-savant role. He does it well.