My Name is Earl 5-11-06 - new time!

In case anyone doesn’t know, Earl comes on tonight at 7:40, and The Office at 8:20 CST. I guess NBC decided we needed 40 minutes of Will and Grace.

Earl is the season finale.

Wow… that’s really shitburgers… So I have to record ten minutes of Steppin’ & Fetchnit or miss the first five of Earl. (My vcr can be programmed to to start at quarter after or quarter til.)

Find the fast forward button. :slight_smile:

Does annybody have a translation of what Catalina said to Joy?

No idea. I’m kind of scared to find out.

I love drunk Joy. I really do :D.

The timing was quite annoying. So a minor curse to NBC but the Show was funny. Especially the little Willy Wonka take-off right down to the music.

Randy: “You don’t need that! I read your chart! You’re dying!”

I couldn’t figure out how the money was going to get back to Earl. That’s why I’m not writing for the show, I guess. Bless the Karma Lady!

Randy solving the Rubik’s Cube in about 4 seconds.

Anyone tell me what the first 5 minutes were? My DVR missed it, it came in just as Crabman suggested #1 and Earl was all wet.

My DVR missed it too. I was watching it live, but not too closely (had to let the dog out).

The reason Earl was all wet was because one of the misdeeds on his list was giving Randy a swirlie. Randy giving Earl a swirlie fixed that.

That’s all I remember. Dammit.

That’s about all there was. Luckily, Crabman cleaned out the toilet before Earl got the swirlie (The last guy that stuck his head in the toilet caught a disease only bats get).

I love that Patty speaks Bengali.

That, and Randy the dizzy Hulk.

"With this we conclude our first season of Earl. We’re very thankful for your viewing and anticipate seeing (or ‘hope to see’) you next fall. "

(I cheated and got it off another website. All I caught was “BaDAdadaDAdadaDAdada. See you next fall.”)

More or less “this is the end of the first season of Earl. We look forward to seeing you next fall”

Translations courtesy of “I get the gist of it” Spanish

The funny thing with Catalina’s Spanish is that it’s always directed to the audience. The last time she used it, she said Quiero agradecer a todo el público latino que nos acompaña cada semana, y para los que no son latinos, les felicito por aprender otro idioma, which means “I want to thank the entire Latino audience that accompanies us each week, and for those who are not Latino, I congratulate you on learning another language.” This was in the one set on the ranch for troubled teenagers – I can’t remember the name of the episode.

This time it was Con esto concluimos nuestra primera temporada de Earl. Estamos muy agradecidos con su acompañamiento y anticipamos verlos el próximo otoño, which, as stated above, is “With this we conclude our first season of Earl. We are very grateful for your being with us and we anticipate seeing you next fall.”

Oh, my God that is so funny! What a sly nod to those who don’t speak Spanish, especially when Joy snarks, “I don’t speak Maid.”

“You give that money to his stoned horny mother I’m going to kill you.”

What a treat to see the aging hooker again, and see how the lottery ticket travelled throughout Camden County.

I was somewhat annoyed that it wasn’t really “extended.” The last commercial break had to be five minutes, and I kept waiting for them to come back and do a final Earl/Randy in bed scene.

Okay, my tape crapped out, so I missed Survivor, Earl, Office and the first half of ER. (I didn’t notice until 10:30…doh!)

TWOP doesn’t have recaps up…can somebody give me a recap of the notable goings-on?

Really? Sweet. Maybe it’ll be mostly uncut during reruns before next season. (Hope, hope.)

I loved the song that was playing as the ticket flew through town- ELO’s Hold On Tight To Your Dreams. Perfect- it brought me back to 1981.

And Randy (paraphrased): “The List! The List! Just shut up about the List! If I hear about the list one more time, I’m gonna tear out your tongue and stuff it up your… sorry, Earl. That was the hunger talkin’.”

But it’s not the guy that hangs upside down in the bathroom. That’s Hector. :smiley:

Best show on television.


Damn good!

The music cues this time were great - “The Candyman” from Willy Wonka as Randy goes to buy another Lotto ticket; ELO’s “Hold on Tight” as the first ticket blows about; Dolly Parton’s “He’ll Come Again” as Earl finds Tall Maggie and slow-dances with her, nestled comfortably under her boobs (hope we’ll be seeing her in another show!)

Other funny bits:

Randy blabbing and driving the asking price of the El Camino down (“Take it, Earl! He’s lowering his bid for no good reason!”)

The Bengali store clerk rewarding Patty for a good ride with a hair-brushing and a sugar cube.

Randy assuring Earl that he’s developed a technique for safely removing the peanut butter from a mousetrap.

Earl snatching the cigarette burger from a hesitant Randy: “Give it here, Princess!”

The same sweet little old lady hitting Earl, then the other guy, then distracting the bus driver with a map and causing him to hit the other guy.

Earl’s reaction to the horny mom who’s had a few too many marijuana pops: “That door’s locked, right?”

Comedy gold, baby. Hope they can keep it up in season 2.