My Name is Earl - 11/1

At this point the kids have some semblence of a family with Joy and Darnell and it’s probably better for Earl not to complicate things by trying to be a 2nd daddy to them. They really aren’t his kids and Crab Man doesn’t seem to be a bad person or anything. He’s probably as good a father figure as those kids could expect with a mother like Joy.

Does Crab Man ever speak?


But not much. He recently had a major life changing decision. It was what he would say when he delivered the meals.

Yep, although Randy prefers the old “Here’s your food,” because that’s what’s happening, Crab Man Darnell is now trying out new phrases, seemingly landing on “Time to get your grub on” for the time being. :smiley:

Crab Man also helpfully informed Earl that the cookies he was delivering from Joy were poisoned.

That was one of the Episode I missed. I will have to wait to catch it. Do you know if it was the 2nd or 3rd Ep?

The game of Truce: “We are a peaceful nation”

Guest star Missi Pyle played another overbearing mother in this year’s Charlie & the Chocolate Factory. Still doesn’t stop her from being pretty hot.

Another great episode. :slight_smile:

Crab Man also snatched an old ladies purse, started to run off and then thought about it and brought it back to her… “I shouldn’t have done that.” The old lady says (paraphrased)“That’s alright. You must be hungry. Here have a candy bar.”
Thereby showing Crab Man that karma works.
Last night I was thinking about Earl’s relationship with Joy’s kids… it does seem weird that he has NO connection to them at all. I would like to see that explored in future episodes.
BTW… Anyone watch The Office afterwards? That episode was just insane and hillarious.

Who is this show resonating with? I love it, there a small dedicated few here who love it. The radio DJs seem to love it and some other NBC shows (just kidding, I hate those promo monkeys) But will this show find a voice for a larger audience?

As Joy takes the Frosted Flakes she says, “If you get to eat specialty cereal, your kids will too” Now: a) not his kids. b) now he doesn’t get to eat the Frosted Flakes and c) who ends up eating them? Crab-Man!
Too many jokes in such a throw away line.

I really like things like that, and Earl’s goofy smiling face for the happy ending, oh and Joy in a bikini…

Here’s the list.

“Told Dodge (the older son, not Earl’s) we would have a father son day at Mystery Fun Land and didn’t take him”

That’s all as far as the kids go. The list seems to change periodically (“Give Donny’s mom her 2 years back…”) so maybe there’ll be more soon.

Earl added the “Give Donny’s mom her two years back” as an addendum to another to-do item. His buddy had gone to jail for a crime Earl had committed, and Earl had to make it up to him. As part of that, he helped Earl’s mom (played by Mrs. Landingham) get two years back with her son (the time he spent in jail) by becoming her quit-smoking buddy. Quitting smoking was also on his list, so he got crossed off two but added a third that also got crossed off.

I think last night he said there were roughly 200 items on the “list”… That would make the list on just the first page.

The one that intrigues me the most is number one… “Cost Dad the Election”

And hasn’t he atoned for making fun fo people’s accents?

Quittin’ smokin’ is kinda like going to prison. If you can last three days, you’ll be fine. Me and Donny’s mom tried everything. We listened to the tapes, then we tried the patches, then we heard somewhere to try carrot sticks. We tried it, but we couldn’t get the damn things to light.”

Don’t remember. I think it was the 2nd.

She was feeding them spaghetti with ketchup - squeezed from little packages into the ketchup bottle. I laughed so hard I got tears in my eyes.

The bit with the radiator was like the bit from a few shows ago with the poisoned cookies.
Earl: “Randy, leave the cookies alone, they’re poisoned.”
Randy sets them down, ponders this a moment, and picks one back up.
Randy: “How poisoned?”
:smiley: Yeah, he’s a doofus, but I like him. He’s so sweet with Catalina.

Did anybode else notice Notch Johnson was the judge in a flashback prior to his being introduced as the local celeb judge?

NBC has been running periodic “marathons” of rerun episodes. The next will be November 12 with the episodes, “Faked His Own Death”, “Teacher Earl”, “Broke Joy’s Fancy Figurine”, and “Stole Beer From a Golfer” (next Tuesday’s episode).

It was the Donny James episode.