"My Name Is Earl" -- September 25 Episodes

What did you think of the two episodes that aired last night?

I thought the first episode was pretty good. LOVED the second episode.

There’s something about Beau Bridges as the father that just tickles me. I thought the boys each taking a parent was brilliant - after the great scene with Mr. Hickey getting his ass kicked by Mrs. Clark, then trying to get laid because he has “sexual options,” and of course all the weeping and bonding with Earl - well, they completely topped all that by having Randy attempt to commiserate with his mother. Paraphrasing: “Yeah, that guy sure is bad at touching Moms’ vaginas.”

I also thought it was interesting that Earl had perceived the Clarks’ move all those years ago as his fault - something he remembered enough to put on his list - when in reality, it had nothing to do with him. He had nothing to cross off his list, but instead he and Randy both spent time doing the right thing - taking care of their parents and trying to make them both feel better - possibly because after years of the list, they’re more used to being good people than they once were.

i liked the second ep a lot better than the first. buy hey–i’m just glad the show got back to the list. last season was getting a little weary.

I liked the first episode better. Randy showing his acting range was brilliant. “It puts the lotion on its skin. It does whatever it’s told. PUT THE LOTION IN THE BASKET!”

Though the boys playing in the yard 3 ft. from the lawn darts target was pretty funny too.

Both episodes were great. I loved a drunken Tim Stack showing up at the movie premiere in the first one.

In the second one, I loved how Joy tried to make Earl’s mom feel bad by comparing the two of them, but Earl’s mom got back at her by saying, “I only cheated once. You made a whole life out of it.” And when Earl forgave Joy for cheating on him with Darnell, she responded, “I’d do it again in a second,” almost as if to prove her right.

It was ::wild gestures:: AWESOME!

Was anyone else waiting for Joy to show up in an angora sweater?

I liked it. Back to the list = good. Randy asking to be attacked by the squid again and again evoked our five year old to a tee, so we laughed at that. But when Randy did his Buffalo Bill impression, I almost hurt myself laughing. I also deeply empathizewith Catalina’s vicious exhortation of cockroach death, so that was fun.

I also enjoyed that the actress who played Frau Farbissina, Scott Evil’s mother, played Seth Green’s character’s mother once again.

omg! I had no idea!!! That’s freakin’ brilliant!

OK, I wrote that in capital letters. What happened?

Test post!

Edit: Same thing- I wrote it all in capitals but it came out normal.

Congratulations, you have discovered the anti-SHOUTING feature. Try including some lowercase letters next time.
Also, I’m going to sue Scott Evil for stealing my movie idea.

If evil terrorists all looked like that, I’d let 'em crash all the planes they wanted.

Both episodes were fantastic.

I’m fond of the episodes where virtually the whole population of Camden are featured and absolutely adore the episodes revolving around the Hickey parents.