"My Name is Earl" -- 5/16/2008 Episode

What did you guys think about last night’s episode?

I loved how Crabman was happy with the overturned trailer the way it was because it allowed Mr. Turtle his own little park in the window.
What would *you * do for a Klondike Bar? “See if you can hit me with your trash!”

And Mrs. Hickey, serving crickets. “All the 5x7 frames came in 7x5, so Dad has to work late at the shop!”

Earl’s confusion about what karma wanted had me confused too. Billy’s behavior had me spinning. She’s nice, she’s evil, she wants to kill Earl, she’s buying flavored body oil – I’m not sure it made sense, but that’s okay.

The writers needed to get rid of Billy, and they needed to get Earl some money so he can work on his list. They did that.

I liked the ceiling fan lopping off one of Joy’s ponytails, and it was fun seeing all those people helping to right the trailer. Weren’t most of them from prior episodes?

Why did Joy’s ponytail cost $25? Was it a wig?

If all commercial tie-ins were that funny I wouldn’t mind them. Hell, I’d been conditioned to start singing “What would you do for a Klondike Bar?” as soon as I saw them in the cooler, so I was pleased when Billie started the bit and neither displeased nor particularly surprised when the real commercial ran.

I missed a few seconds: so “seduced seven virgins” had nothing to do with sex but meant that Earl’s introducing them to burgers, beer, and the glitz and glamour of downtown Camden had prevented them from going back to the farm?

A scene with a rocking Earlmobile complete with moaning and steamy windshields basically said that seduced meant just that.


The line about righting the trailer – “it was nice to see everyone pull together to pull together” – cracked me up.

Good episode. First one I’ve liked in a long time.

That’d be my guess. Her nails probably aren’t natural either. :smiley:

Did you notice Tim Stack was the first person to run for the beer when Earl announced that he had pony kegs?

What a ride this season was! I know a lot of people hated it when Earl was in jail, but I liked it. Earl was doing good deeds, the warden was rewarding him with time off, then Earl had his faith in karma tested. He was hit by a car, went into a coma, nearly died, found the girl of his dreams, and got married again. Then he had to lose Billie again, but she found her life’s path and rewarded Earl, so he came out just like he did before jail, maybe a little more financially ahead. And he found that although he was hated and not respected by the people of Camden before he started his list, his real reward was in finding out who his friends were when he really needed them. This was the best season of Earl yet, in my honest opinion.

“It’s called CSI:Miami, that stands for Crime Stuff In Miami”

“Looks like we need to catch ourselves a monster”
“Yeeeeeeeeoooooowww…stepped on a nail.”

Is that a reference to something?
I loved it too. Excellent resolution to the Billie problem.

I’m thinking Joy has hair extensions rather than a full wig.


According to the TWoP synopsis, it’s a nod to the opening Who screech of CSI: Miami. Earl even did a bit of Horatio Caine with the sunglasses bit.

“Call me Jezebel! Call me Jezebel!”

A very satisfying and enjoyable season finale; it brought Earl (and Randy) full circle, so that now Earl is ready to begin working on his list again and has the money he needs to do so. :slight_smile: I was disturbed that Billie tried to undo Earl’s previous deeds, but it did let us revisit many of the folks of Camden (Earl’s list is long; he wronged many a person in Camden County!). Good to know that Mr. Turtle is doing okay. I can’t even pick a favorite scene, there were too many to choose from! I did like the scene where they all joined together to right Crabman and Joy’s trailer, though. And Nescobar A Lop Lop was there! “A rhino in the back, that’s how my father died!”

At any rate, while this season was a bit topsy turvy, with Earl being in jail, then out and forgetting about Karma, then in a coma … it does look like we’re righted again (just like the trailer! LOL)

Dan Coscino was a production assistant on Greg Garcia’s other show, “Yes, Dear.” His appearance in the finale references his previous appearance in the episode “Our Other Cops is On,” which flashed back to the Camden County Fair on July 4, 2002. Coscino had a T-shirt with his name on and had a booth where he sold T-shirts, let people get pictures taken with him, etc. He also did that rock n’ roll yell several times in the episode. He’s apparently set up as some minor Camden celebrity with very little fame in the greater world.

I like the way Camden residents mix whimsy with lawless mayhem (well, technically they have a police force, but I wouldn’t count on it too much). “Wakey, wakey, life’s at stakey!”

“And that guy that looks like a creamsicle? His name’s Horatio.”

Heh heh. Creamsicle.

Well if they have to get rid of Billy, at least give me more Catalina.