My neighbor's brightly glowing penises

I just noticed that one of my neighbors has a big bright penis in each of his front windows. They are made of Christmas lights, white for the “shaft” and red for the “head.” I’m assuming they’re supposed to be candles, but they are the most phallic candles I’ve ever seen.

Um… Congratulations?


or it didn’t happen

Hopefully they are meant to be penises. You know the spirit of Christmas and all that.

Are they circumcised? Maybe they’re Jewish.:dubious:

Yule, rather than Christmas, perhaps. Herm, hum…

No, we have a whole penis-celebratory holiday, but it’s in May, not December.

No kidding. I NEED to see a picture of these infamous candles!

It’s the tradition to put a penis in the window to welcome in lonely strangers

“How much is that penis in the window?”

Maybe you’re just horny?

I see them everywhere when I’m horny!

Only if there are eight of them and they have been lit since November. I think Hanukah was really early last year.

Are they, perhaps, Japanese?–Bosda asked, knowingly

choking, laughing

Maybe the neighbor is just trying to make a vas deferens in the neighborhood.

The humour here has me prostate on the ground.

he hasn’t the glans for it.

My neighbor erected lovely cement pillars on which to place her plants, and then when it got cold she put upside-down pots over the plants to protect them. This has been my view since about October:

It’s extra creepy because she’s got a husband and 2 sons. So it’s basically a little penis shrine, until her flowers bloom again.

This could be read so many ways.