My neighbors get back from Canada tomorrow..

Bearing Canadian and Ontario flags for my collection :smiley: They went to Toronto and Niagra Falls. I don’t know why I’m sharing this.

Okay now, everyone sing the Ontarian anthem!

A place to stand/
And a place to grow/
We call this land/

To anyone who grew up with it when they were a kid, that song and its Disneyesque Small Small World-like tune will now be stuck in their heads foir the next thirty-six hours.
[sub]I’m evil. Yes, I know it.[/sub]

Captain Socks, I can send you a Dublin flag if you like, to add to your collection.

No Sunspace it’s now “Good things grow-ow-ow, in Ontario.” Get with the times…

I have several Canadian flags. And an Alberta flag. And I am only down the road from you!

They aren’t bringing back some 222’s? Bummer!

O Canada…
Our home and native land…
True patriot love…
in all they sons command!

QUICK! BEFORE THEY GET BACK! Saran-Wrap their toilets & TP their house! :smiley:

They actually brought the Quebec flag, not Ontario. A victory of sorts for our Quebec Dopers. Either way, I’m happy with a provincial flag of any kind. And also, what’s a 222?

A 222 is a popular strength of Tylenol w/ codeine. You can get them outta gumball machines up here.

…and the Québec flag is cooler.

Yes, it is. And it’s the children’s voice version, too. A bunch of eight-year-olds screeching. Thank you so kindly.

Oh, thank you so* very *much, Leaffan. :mad:

(“Good things groooooooooow”… #$*&@!)

I just hung up the flags. It’s kind of weird, a Quebec flag and a Canadian flag right next to each other.


I’ll bet there wasn’t one piece of TP out there to greet em, either.

Younger generation…no ambition…gedoffa my lawn…hrumph…