my new baby is home

a bouncing 1465 kilo 1996 VW Jetta in tan

Gotcha :smiley:

Finally forced the damne Bank of America to disgorge the money they have been sitting on for the past week, and took possession this morning.

Since mrAru walked away from rolling our 97 jetta, we decided to stay with VWs. I was amazed that at the second used car lot we found what was essentially a clone of Baby, but a year older, 30K less miles and a slightly different sound system. Same color and everything=)

Stopped by a friends to visit on the way home, an as we walked to the car to go to lunch he asked "What happened? I thought mrAru roleld your car?? :confused: "


{though I miss the 6 disc changer, it at least has a single CD player instead of the cassette player. We are installing a 6 disc changer that we had in our minivan before it died.}