My new glasses are trying to kill me.

A real pity, since I love the the new frames. I look hell of good in them.

HOWEVER - The last week or so I began getting these just crippling headaches. All on the left side of my head. Plus I noticed that the vision in my left eye was off.

Before anyone advises me “STROKE! CALL 911!”, the problem goes away within an hour when I put on my old pair of glasses. Headache dissipates, left eye vision is normal. And also a week ago is exactly when I got the new glasses. Damn it.

Now here’s the question

I’m gonna see if the ophthalmologist can look at the glasses next week. Is this something an ophthalmologist can do? That is, scan the lenses and determine if they are correct for my eyes?

When I had an exam three weeks ago, she had some fancy machine that I looked through and it spit out a prescription (that, when it came time for the “better 1? better 2” silliness the doctor was damn close to perfect on the first try). I think I also remember her having me look through the machine while wearing my glasses and her saying, “yep - your prescription is fine”

Or am I simply going to have to write off my new specs?

It sounds like your prescription is off, or possibly a lens wasn’t done right. I had this problem once, and my optometrist did another eye exam and replaced one lens. I would call whoever did your eye exam, or whoever made the glasses, if they aren’t at the same place.

How long have you had them? You make it sound like you didn’t have them when you first got the glasses. Is that so? In any case, if you’ve tried adjusting to them for a full week and it’s that bad, then something must be wrong.

Like I said, I’ve had the new glasses for a week. I’ve worn lenses for years now, never had this problem on a switch to a new pair. Plus my prescription hasn’t changed in about five years.

I had this problem once and it turned out that the prescription was accurate but the interpupillary distance (the distance between the pupils when you’re staring straight ahead) was wrong. Have them check that too.

I had one that the grinding machine ground off center by about a quarter of an inch … if I was walleyed it would have worked out but unfortunately I am not. They ground me a new lens and everything was all better :slight_smile:

I had a similar problem with a new pair of glasses once. When I took them back to be checked they found that one lens wasn’t mounted correctly in the frame. Somehow it had slipped out of alignment; I forget if it was my extreme astigmatism or something else about them that was causing the problem.

Here’s what I would do:

Take the glasses back to where you bought them and ask them to check the prescription out on their scope. Tell them you suspect the axis is off, in the left eye. Bring your prescription along with you. It’s possible that it was typed incorrectly into their lab order. (Most likely, the lab technician just misaligned the left lens. They can cut another one - not really a big deal.)

If they insist that the prescription was delivered correctly, verify this by having a different optical place check the prescription. (Sometimes, it can be common for a optical place to deny that the mistake was made by their lab, and they’ll deny it, or insist that the doctor misprescribed.)

If it turns out that two opticians can confirm that the prescription was delivered as prescribed, then you’ll need to go back to the doctor.

Most optical labs have a certain amount of leeway (although they will never advertise this fact) to how exact the lenses have to be in order to be delivered to the patient. Some shops won’t deliver if the axis is more than 2 degrees off, some will deliver up to 7 degrees wrong. This is often termed as “within tolerance” but it’s just an excuse for delivering shoddy goods, and people shouldn’t put up with it.

An easy work-around to this behavior - just have your optometrist write on the prescription:


Your order will be treated with especial care and checked & rechecked to ensure perfection.

Oh boy, spectacle pros! I just got glasses to help with a slight astigmatism. I notice they do help clarifying details across the room (which was only slightly blurred anyway), but I can no longer read what’s on my computer screen if I wear them. That makes them kind of useless. Why would they mess up my vision of things two feet away?

Don’t tell me to put my computer across the room. Mah reachin’ stick ain’t that long.

Appointment with doctor scheduled for 1/4

Since I’ve noticed the “off”, I’ve been experimenting.

The left lens is off. If I close my right eye and sweep my head from right to left, there’s a definite distortion in my left eye/lens near the center of vision. Doesn’t happen with the old glasses.

Here’s hoping she will agree to replace the lens.

How old are you now? Could it be presbyopia?

That’s what I was thinking. My dad takes off his glasses to use the compute now.

Well, inquiring minds want to know - did you get your glasses fixed?

Often scripts are made wrong in glasses. I bet people here didn’t know that often lenses are prepared for patients by prison workers - lets face it - how much training can they have? Mine always have to be sent out - they don’t keep my high index lense in stock. It isn’t uncommon for it to take months to get them done correctly - because of my script being odd.

Just saw this,

I’ve had quite a bit of problems with glasses and headaches.

What I’ve learned so far in my short 25 stint of wearing glasses.

My first major headaches, really really really bad, to the point where I actually went to a real doctor, blood work, tests all that crap. Already been said, Pupil to Pupil distance was off, and not by far.

Got older. Got my first pair of polycarbonate lenses. They don’t have true optics, for some stupid ass reason, they try to make the lenses flat so you don’t look like a coke bottle geek, unfortunately this makes it so you can only see well through one tiny little spot on the lenses, and if the center height or pupil to pupil distance is off, you’re screwed. The flatter the lenses claim to be (usually the more high end) the worse they are for actually seeing out of.

I went through 3 sets of lenses on one pair of glasses, I couldn’t see above horizontal for the first 2 sets, they finally moved the center of the lenses up to the center of my pupils and I wore them for a couple of years(took a long time getting used to them). This comes into play with smaller glasses a lot, where they sit a little lower than your grandfathers glasses.

Now, even though they argue with me, I want glass lenses, no fish bowl feeling. My Safety Glasses are polycarbonates and the optics and fishbowl feeling kills me. I use them when I need them doing close up work, but any kind of distance and I get woozy and get a huge headache.

Last bit of advice, DO NOT GET GLASSES AT WALMART.