My new miniature didjeridu

I have looked at several websites and have not been able to find the information I need.

Are there any didjeridu players here?

I have never played one before. But a couple of days ago, I bought a mini didjeridu (40 cm long, 3-4 cm wide) and I need to know how to play it.

Now, there are several sites telling how to play a full sized one. But they do not address the topic of the mini didj - and I don’t think the technique is quite the same. At least, when I try playing my mini didj the way they say to play a full sized one, it doesn’t work. Basically, the full sized calls for a very loose raspberry sound to be made with your lips, but this won’t work on a smaller one because the aperture is so small.

But if I try making a tighter raspberry sound, the harmonic effects - which are supposed to be produced by changing the shape of your mouth - don’t work.

So does anyone have any tips on how a mini didj should be played? The guy who sold it to me (and he had all kinds of aboriginal stuff including full sized didjeridus, and he seemed sincere) told me that the mini didj will make just as cool a sound as the full sized one and you can do all the same things with it - it’s just higher pitched.

Anyone able to help?

I have actually emailed a didjeridu player about this but he has not answered me yet so I thought I’d try for a quick answer on this board.


All I can suggest is that you keep looking on the Web under the alternate spelling of “didgeridoo”.

I take it that yours didn’t come with an “instructional booklet”? It sounds to me like you might need to develop something closer to a trumpeter’s embouchure, the way you describe making a tight raspberry.

The site you linked to only speaks of normal sized didjeridu. Mine’s a mini - that’s the problem. I found many many sites on “how to” but none of them addressed the topic of the mini didjeridu.

Anyway, I did get a message back from a didjeridu player, and he says he doesn’t think mine would be playable. I may have been gipped, I don’t know.

It was only ten bucks anyway.


Yeah, I know that link wasn’t for the minis–I included it to show I wasn’t making it up about the alternate spelling of “didgeridoo”.

Well, that surprises me, that he said it wouldn’t be playable, because they’re certainly for sale all over the Web. I even remember seeing one website go past that billed it as “perfect for camping trips!”

You can play almost any sort of hollow tube, no matter how long or how short, by making a tight raspberry and blowing into it. Think of a ram’s horn trumpet (shofar).

You might try e-mailing a mod to have this thread moved over to Cafe Society, where the musicians all hang out. Somebody over there might have some ideas.