My newest song

I don’t think I posted a link to this one yet.
Here it is.

I am waiting fo lyrics to finish it, don’t know how long to make the thing so it kinda peters out at the end.

The solo is the first take I did. I then double tracked it. I like it except I need to clean it up a little towards the end, there is a small chunk that I don’t know what to do with yet. I haven’t bothered because I’m probably going to need to move it around. The piano part will probably either get moved and extended or get cut. Not sure yet.

Let me know what you think.


Overall, I like it, it’s definitely a nice sound in my book. I’m not musically knowledgeable enough to talk in technical terms; music is all an “ear” thing to me. That being said, the timing seems just very, very slightly off to me; occasionally I hear a beat a quarter of a second before or after I expect it, or it doesn’t quite seem to sync up to the backing. The best way I can sum it up is, it sounds like it trips every once in a while.

Also, in the percussion bit at the end, to my ear, it would sound better if there was an extra note there. I played it again, and tapped out the extra note on my desk, and it definitely sounded better to me. If you were standing here, I could definitely explain it to you, but trying to get it across non-verbally is tough.

Hmmm… what I know about percussion instruments is pretty slim, but my instinct is that it’s a high-hat I’m hearing. Assuming that it is, the phrasing currently goes something like:

din-din, din-bump, din-din, din-bump. For whatever reason, din-din, din-bump, din-din, din-din-*bump *sounds better to me.