My next car needs to be able to fit a piece of plywood in it....

So, where can I find a web resource that will tell me what cars will or won’t fit a piece of plywood in it?

I don’t need it to be completely enclosed in there - it can stick out the back a bit with no big worries as long as it’s safe. I just need the horizontal width to fit it in the vehicle.

I really don’t want a pickup, and I’d prefer to avoid an SUV unless it’s something like a Honda CRV. Ideally I’d like something like a Subaru Outback or something.

Anyone know where I can find a good list on stuff like this?


Cars101 shows the trunk with photos with measurements overlayed! Check out this example – just scroll to measurements down the page. There are over a half dozen trunk measurements overlayed in the pic. Perfect!

Just an example. Find the cars you are interested in.

Edited: 20 different trunk measurements! Just scroll down to pics.

Both of my last two Pathfinders could do this. But it had to be on an angle.

Another solution is to put it on top on a rack. I do this quite often. You just need to get a system down to tie it down real, real well.

Yeah, I once had an Ikea bed (still in box) blow off the top of a minivan one time on the interstate. I’d like to avoid that in the future if possible.


There are cars with 4’ wide trunks? And deep enough to hold an 8’ piece of plywood?

I never even considered this might be possible. Before I got my own truck I would rent one at Home depot for 4 hours for about 20 bucks to move big stuff.

Yeah, ours doesn’t do that. I just borrow a friend’s Sportrak Explorer. So I’ve got wood stick up at a 45 degree angle, bungie straps, and a bag of concrete or sand to keep everything from flipping out the back onto the road.

I don’t need an eight foot trunk. But something like an Outback should be able to manage it, though there might be a foot or two sticking out the back.


One way to avoid it is to learn how to properly attach a load to the rack, including a knowledge of knots. A well-strapped load with the right knots isn’t going anywhere.

Are you talking about a 4’ x 8’ board? “Piece” isn’t very specific.

This is the excuse you’ve always hoped for: Now you can buy a used El Camino. :smiley:

Skip that site I posted. Could’ve sworn there were more car reviews/measurements.

I went to some plywood sites and even plywood manufacturers recommend SUVs, p/up trucks and vans/minivans.

For reference, my Dodge Dakota only holds a sheet of plywood with the tailgate down and at an angle (as it won’t fit between the wheel wells that protrude into the bed).

Some smaller SUVs will probably be fine as you can tilt the sheet to reduce the need for a full 4’ wide area.

Yes, a standard 4x8 sheet of plywood.

As for the El Camino, I’m torn between pointing out that it’s Spanish foe “The Camino” and pointing out that what I love about high school girls is that I keep getting older but they stay the same age…


I bought my Grand Caravan specifically for this purpose.
Well, it is a good vehicle in and of itself but the ability too carry 4x8 plywood made the difference.
That is what makes the Grand Caravan, ‘Grand’.
As far as I can tell it is that extra few inches that makes the difference.

My brother-in-law’s Suburban will take 4’ x 8’ sheets of wood lying flat, with the hatch door completely closed. You could get a whole stack of plywood. That’s a big SUV though.

Yeah, I drive a good 30 to 40 thousand miles a year for work at $.36 a mile. Every mpg I lose costs me a good chunk of change. That and I refuse to be one of those one-child families driving around in a massive SUV.


How about a trailer? There are lots of crappy, light weight, even collapsing trailers…

Think of different small SUVs that interest you. Type, e.g., “CRV plywood” and you’ll invariably find owners of the vehicle in question answering the question about plywood from interested parties who have the same needs as you.

‘‘CRV Plywood’’ reveals that, yes, at an angle you can do it. Just need the gate down and some bungees/straps.

So, check out my methodology! Happy Haulin’ ! :slight_smile:

Another work around would be to get the car you want, and a small utility trailer.

Um, yeah…what Add99 said…

You can say that again.

Our Town And Country was like an enclosed pickup truck! Take the seats out and it could haul just about anything.

Of course in that case, it looks like the car isn’t going anywhere either. :smiley: