My nomination for moron of the week goes to...

We receive an e-mail every Tuesday from our local organic market listing the produce they have available for the weekly order. About 20 other recipients are on their list, and they always use the To: field instead of Bcc:.

This morning I received this message, from a fellow recipient, who’d addressed the sender and used the Reply to all function:

It was signed by someone who apparently works for a foreign embassy with the job title “Marketing Specialist”. Fine, I thought. I was never moved to say anything myself, because it’s clear they’re not that e-mail savvy, but thought it was good that someone finally pointed it out and that they might now change this practice. I replied to the sender, cc-ing only to the organic market, saying that I agreed.

Next message I open in my In-box is titled: “Invitation to Seminar-Workshop - Intellectual Coefficient” and it’s from the very same person who’d complained about his address being made public.

Hey - at least he used the bcc: function :rolleyes: - but he obviously sent his promotional guff to the entire organic market mailing list.

The four attachments to the message, three Word documents and one PowerPoint presentation, include his bio. So much for Spam and confidentiality, and what a masterful piece of targeted marketing. :smiley:

I sent him an e-mail with a polite version of WTF? without employing the “Reply to all” function - but I resisted the temptation to suggest that he rename his seminar-workshop appropriately. Moron.

A “Marketing Specialist” at an embassy might really be one, but an awful lot of spies have titles like that. A Seminar/Workshop for Intellectual Coefficient could be a recruiting dodge. How’d you like a second job? :smiley:

What area of espionage do you think they’re recruiting for, if they chose to target clients of an organic market?

WTH is “Intellectual Coefficient” anyway? I suppose I could open those attachments and find out.