My nominee for the Supreme Court is....

Given a filibuster-proof Democratic majority in the Senate, there is only one possible choice - the corpse of Robert Mapplethorpe!!

He wasn’t a lawyer, and he’s dead, so I don’t see the point.

My suggestion would be Ralph Nader. Obama is extremely unlikely to nominate him, but the nomination would drive the tighty righties completely batshit crazy.

Hell, if it’s outright head exploding we’re going for, I’d suggest Bill Ayers.

Better yet, Bill Clinton.

Anita Hill

Agh! Beaten to the punch. I had always hoped that Clinton would have nominated her, and now with Obama my dreams are restored and then some.

Harry Anderson. We need a fun Justice.

Second choice, Judge Judy.


Lis Wiehl, who deserves better than being a second-string show-trial expert for Faux News.

My concern, however, is that after the enrobing and the being seated behind the bench, her legs will never be seen again.

That’s actually been a serious question in some circles, but she has already turned down the idea.

But that would be a kick, though, wouldn’t it? heh

I DO like the idea of Bill Clinton … giggle If I were a news org, I’d be sure to have cameras trained on Ken Starr (among other people) when he got the news.

Judge Wapner
Judge Amy
Judge Judy

Vincent Bugliosi, since President Obama didn’t take my amazingly brilliant advice and make him Attorney General.

Among the many, many advantages is that it would cause 1) some of the other Supreme Court justice’s heads to explode (you know, because of this book*), and therefore give President Obama more chances to appoint, and 2)this book would cause the heads of many many freepers and other right-wingers to explode, and that’s always fun to watch. That he can also pop some of those tedious JFK conspiracy theorists at the same time is an added bonus.

The Republicans can’t even bitch that he’s a liberal Democrat, because he’s a conservative Republican! Just one who happens to believe in the letter of the law, and the constitution, two things many conservative Republicans/freepers don’t understand or believe in.

But, ah well, maybe we’ll have to wait until after the mid-terms, or for President Obama’s 2nd term.

*an expansion of this classic article, “None Dare Call It Treason.”