My one complaint about Netflix

They don’t have any porn! What’s up with that?

Here’s some dudes who come up with the great idea of a website where people can rent movies anonymously, through the mail. But they never get it in their heads that people would love to rent pornographic movies that way too.

I went searching for an answer. All the way to Netflix’s FAQ section.

Well, gee, that’s a really great answer there, pal.

I guess I’m going to have to continue getting my pr0n from the interweb.

Well, there are several sites where you can pay a monthly fee for unlimited viewing of streaming video porn. (Don’t worry, mods, no links).

Or, you can visit your local video store (assuming it’s not a Blockbuster or Hollywood Video), which is bound to have a back room where they stash the naughty DVDs and tapes.

They used to carry “mature” titles, but they randomly phased them out like a year ago. It was interesting because I rented a few that were soft core versions of regular porn movies - they would film people having actual sex, but shoot it so that hypothetically the people could be faking it, except they weren’t because they’d make a point of showing like the shadows and stuff so that you could fill in the blanks.

I was forced to sign up for a different DVD-rent-in-the-mail porn outfit to cover my losses. So I feel your pain, as well as your naughty parts.

Well, obviously the thought has occurred to them, otherwise they woudn’t have addressed it in their FAQ. :wink:

Do the places that do rate porn also rate family-rated stuff as well? I suspect not. They’re probably just going after a different market - namely, family mass market. Maybe they got some complaints when they were carrying the soft-core Skinemax-type stuff. I suspect a lot of their customers (unwisely) give the kids free rein to choose the movies that they rent, so having porn titles makes thing more complicated.

Just a thought.

I love Netflix, BTW. Even without porn.

Unless you happen to live in my new hometown of Jacksonville, Florida where porn is outlawed. Why didn’t anyone tell me this before I moved here? Oh well, thank god for broadband.

Ok, so some things you should know:

If porn is illegal in your neighborhood, it is illegal to view it on the computer as well. Even with broadband.

If computer porn is illegal, which it is for you, then this post violates the SDMB guidelines. Look above… see where they say where you can get porn? We’re encouraging illegal activities!

Yes, they used to rent porn, back in the day when you could pay per movie instead of a monthly fee.

My complaint about Netflix: They shipped me a movie on Wednesday, and told me to expect it on Saturday. It never came. Today I got an email saying that they received it, asking me to rate it - they must have shipped it to themselves!

My one rant about Netflix: we shipped back a couple of movies to them, and they claimed one was never received. Since they had our credit card information, they went ahead and charged us for the missing Wallace & Grommett movie, despite our protests that we had shipped it back. It then occurred to us that the Netflix shipment packaging is easy to identify, and the DVDs could very easily be stolen along the way.

We canceled our membership at Netflix and nowadays patronize Video Library instead.

I’ve thought of the same thing, although I’ve never had a return shipment to Netflix go astray. Twice now they shipped stuff to me and I’ve not received it. I just go and report it as lost and they send new copies. I make sure to drop returning DVDs in a mailbox, though, and not send out through outgoing office mail (even though that’s much easier).

I’ve had pretty good results with Netflix; got over 100 movies queued up. They do rent unrated versions, at least, which Blockbuster doesn’t. My one complaint is that if a movie comes as a 2-disk set, they’ll rent the disks separately instead of keeping them together.

I don’t believe this is the case, I’m not sure how to follow up on this, but I seem to recall reading that the city ordinance specifically refered to video rentals, but I’m not going to call city hall and ask them.

There are other places out there that rent out adult DVDs using the Netflix model. I’m reluctant to link directly to them, though. How about, one of them advertises regularly on The Digital Bits? Does that help?

Today it was announcted that Netflix has been granted a patent for their business model.


oh feh. Here’s the fixed link

DVD barn has them they also carry regular titles