My Open Letter to Republican National Committee in Response to Request for Money

Tony Parker
Treasurer, Republican National Committee
310 First Street, S.E.
Washington, DC 20003

Republican National Committee
PO Box 96994
Washington, DC 20090-6994

Dear Mr. Parker:

I am writing in response to solicitation dated February 19, 2016, a copy of which I enclose. The solicitation was wrapped in an envelope inquiring “have you given up yet?” The answer is that I never give up on my country. However, I do give up on the Republican Party if it does not enforce its own rules concerning debate, and centuries-old custom regarding civility in campaigning. I am referring to the candidacy of Donald Trump. I make several points in this regard:

[li]That I will under no circumstances donate in this election cycle if Donald Trump is the nominee;[/li][li]That I will under no circumstances donate in this election cycle if the Republican Party cancels the February 21, 2016 debate scheduled for Salt Lake City,[/li][li]That I will under no circumstances donate in this election cycle if the Republican Party does not enforce the rules on debates, namely, that all declared candidates attend scheduled debates. That rule should be enforced by not allowing the name of any non-attendee to be placed in nomination.[/li][/ol]

The rules were established, if I recall correctly, to curb abuses such as Jimmy Carter’s refusal to debate Edward Kennedy in the “Rose Garden Campaign” of 1980. We all saw what happened when Jimmy Carter was lured into debating Reagan that October, but I digress. Mr. Trump is dodging the debate(s) for tactical reasons; he fears going one-on-one with a debate champion with an Ivy League college and law school pedigree.

Donald Trump’s tactics have been a disgrace both to the Republican Party and this country. Personally, I have a nephew with arthrogryposis, the disease that Mr. Trump mocked at a press conference. But taking it away from the personal, we do not run campaigns with name calling, racial slurs, or comments on candidates’ personal appearance. Or size of their male member.

I expect the political parties to be “gatekeepers” in our great republic. This country is not a democracy or mobocracy for very good reasons. When our Founders designed the Constitution, France was already circling the drain for the bloodbath that would become the French Revolution. Thus, the Constitution was written to strip the mass of people from the ability to elect a head of state or a prime minister directly.

The Republican Party, in my view, has a responsibility to say “Donald Trump is not my people.” And, it must enforce its own rules concerning debates. And do so with courage.



Typo: The Salt Lake City Republican debate is scheduled for March 21, 2016.

That’s a lot of effort, considering how fast it’s gonna hit the round file when some intern rips open the envelope and doesn’t find a check.

Good one and I laughed. Of course it won’t meet its audience, unless others are writing and e-mailing in like manner.


You are totally my hero now for writing that response! I have been pelted with emails for the past couple of days from RNC Chairman Reince Priebus. Seems he was shocked to find out that when he asked his staff to give him a list of the committee’s most dedicated members…my name was not on the list! Naturally, he will not be able to sleep at night until I make a donation, and claim my rightful place alongside the party’s most loyal members. Ironically, I received another email while I was reading your post!

I have been giving great thought about how to carefully word my reply…which will basically be a vehement “NOT A CHANCE IN HELL.” I am slowly beginning to resign myself to the fact that a bloviating orange racist with a bad combover will be the Republican nominee. And for that reason, I will be parting ways with the Republican party. (I won’t bother to mention that I frequently vote across party lines anyway, but somehow ended up being claimed by the Republican party. Let him think he’s losing a REAL Republican. That’ll teach 'em!)

It’s bad enough that I’ve been scarred for life for having to hear about Trump’s package…haven’t I paid enough?

Sorry, Mr. Priebus. This voter has had enough.

Q: How DO you get off of a GOP donor list?

Hold a lit cigarette to the base until they let go?

Of course it is. It’s a republic of the democratic variety, as opposed to a totalitarian or dictatorial republic, as North Korea is.

My Open Letter to Republican National Committee in Response to Request for Money

Whatever happens to the letter, you had to write it and good on ya for it. “Mobocracy”.:slight_smile:

I have to ask one question. Your letter protests Trump’s antics but not what passes for his policies. Do you still agree with what he’s saying? I’m not asking to get into a political fight, honest. I just want to know if someone who objects to his behaviour would still agree with what he says he’s going to do.

I think disgruntled Republicans like yourself and the OP, and anyone else who cares enough, should still send donations, but of a non-monetary nature. When those yahoos who took over some wildlife refuge buildings asked for donations, remember what they were flooded with? Well, since there’s been so much belittling of the candidates’ junk, perhaps they need something extra. Just sayin’…

We should send edible dildos and lube!

Dear Mr. Parker:

Do you want to win elections or not? We need these people that prefer Trump to Kasich or Rubio or even Cruz because we can’t win without them. Our appeal is to a diminishing and aging population. If we want to win elections we need those Trump supporters, we just need to convince them that they don’t want Trump.

For decades we had them convinced that they should vote for us because our free market economic policies would somehow make them better off (and they believed us mostly because it was going to make the black man worse off so it just HAD to make them better off). Now they’ve gotten wise and realize that free market capitalism is really good for people who own capital and not as good for everyone else. They seem particularly disillusioned with free trade deals that make manufacturing stuff overseas more profitable than manufacturing here. We had a good run and it took the greatest recession since the Great Depression to make them question whether our policies were in their best interests when it was THEIR unemployment benefits we were trying to cut.

We tried bringing them back by talking tough about abortion and foreign policy but they seem genuinely upset that half of us want to keep a cheap labor source available to the domestic manufacturers and producers.

One of the problems with Trump is that no one has a clue as to what his policies are. And no I do not want to exclude Muslims, Mexicans or victims of arthrogryposis.

Okay, thanks for answering. It’s refreshing to see sane Republicans, or maybe conservatives is the proper term, seeing as what the GOP stands for now.

I don’t know… they might read at least enough to take the OP off the mailing list.

My story: eight years ago, I got a ridiculous “survey” that was really a fundraising pitch, but the survey was asking questions like “Which do you prefer: the right to own assault rifles, or drowning kittens?” and “Is global warming a hoax, or is it just wrong?”

After writing a response that was a little like the one in the OP, I have not received a single thing from the Republic Party since. I still get candidate mailings, but nothing from the party itself.

Publish it in the local newspaper.