My orgasm theory - do you agree?

Wacky -

I don’t know if there’s a study, but I know the same thing happened to me when I went on the Pill. Add in the fact that my antidepressant ALSO lowers my libido, and you end up with it taking damn near forever for me to orgasm. But like Paradocs said…OH LORD is it worth it.

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I’m just curious. I don’t think they listed taht as one of the side effects of taking the pill. But maybe it only happens after a certain amount of time?

A man’s orgasm has a biological reproductive function. Far as I can see, a woman’s orgasm has no biological reproductive function whatsoever, so it’s not necessary.

I would put women’s orgasms into age ranges. Like say,
30+ years= hold on for the ride

Actually, I remember from a Desmond Morris video that the human female’s orgasm pushes the cervix downward in a series of contractions, ostensibly to allow better access to the sperm that’s been deposited there. We’re assuming the standard missionary position here. The image (God knows how they got that camera in there) remains with me still.

Mrs. O tells me that if I hit the right angle of penetration, once she gets going it doesn’t stop. Not that it’s high-intensity orgasms all the way, but it definitely feels damned good. IMHO the ability to experience a continuous orgasm like that makes women’s orgasms much better than men’s.

The consensus seems to be that women do, indeed, have better orgasms than men.

So why in the hell do men want to have sex more than women? Again, this may not be true in every case, but I’ve seen it enough to know it’s true generally.

You’re having a better time than I am; why don’t you want to do it as much? Hmmm …?

Could any guy imaging pumping semen for 30 seconds?..our testies would have to be as big as bowling balls.

Diamond eyed christ…the 5-10 seconds it last for is plenty thank you.
I wouldn’t trade my orgasms for any thing. They’re dandy.

If they were any more intense I think I’d have a stroke.

Milo said: So why in the hell do men want to have sex more than women? Again, this may not be true in every case, but I’ve seen it enough to know it’s true generally.

You’re having a better time than I am; why don’t you want to do it as much? Hmmm …?

For one thing, the skin on the surface of the penis is not as sentitive (as far as tissue texture) as the vagina. You guys could probably (given the stamina) keep pumpin’ for an hour or more; I get RAW-feeling after about 15 minutes.

If we have more intense orgasms, we need more recovery time before we have another one.
Also, I think that our entire bodies are involved…moreso than with men, anyhow. Which would tire you out more: doing 15 arm-curls, or running a mile?

I think men want it more because the gods saw fit to give all the power to women. (Men make more. Men run more governmental organizations. Women control ALL of the pussy.)

This has been true in my experience. Also, for my boyfriend, I don’t think that his are more or less intense than mine, only that he is much less vocal when it’s happening so it seems like its less intense than it really is.

Handy–actually I think that a woman’s orgasm serves to help with the intake of the semen. Not only that, but semen contains certain chemicals that make a womans vagina contract some to help the semen move as well.

Milossarian–IMHO, woman don’t want sex as much as men BECAUSE it is better and so they stay satisfied longer than men do. :smiley:

So many things i want to say.

First of all, my theory is that orgasm for women is really hard to achieve through intercourse (y’know i hate that word- through screwing) being that there is very little direct clitorial stimulation. So when (and if) ahe has one, it’s one of the really intense ones.

In fact, can it really be said it’s harder for women to have orgasms? By myself I have no problem at all.

On the other hand…
I still prefer sex without orgasm to a guarenteed orgasm all by myself. I have had sex I will still be thinking of fondly from my wheelchair in the nursing home that didn’t even involve orgasm. Most of the men Ihave told this to look at me like I’m crazy. Perhaps women would too.

So, I, personally don’t see orgasm as the ultimate factor in the creation of a sex fiend. Women do want to have sex at least as much a men. But, all the women who were really indiscriminate, and persued sex ENTIRERLY for it’s own end, died 10 million years age when there was no one around to take care of them when they were pregnant, and thus, did not pass the indiscriminant gene on to their daughters. That is my Pyscho-Evolutionary analysis.

Speaking of evolution, the female orgasm (and the clitoris) are not without biological function! Since we are the only mammel without an estrus cycle, we are in need of some further inticement to have sex.God, in a rare compassionate moment, decided pleasure was a good enticement.

If they can’t have the quality, go for the quantity?\

:: ducking and running ::

I was 19,married and had 2 kids before I ever had an orgasam.I’ve been makin’ up for lost time ever since!!!:smiley:

As for whether mine are better or not,who’s to say??? But they’re AMAZING!!!And I’m excellent at giving as good as I get.

Yes,but having an orgasam after having a few beers, is even better!:wink:

I know I am the new kid, but how can I resist replying to a sex-related topic such as this?

On the female orgasm thing, I think all of us ladies have agreed that there are varying intensities, and that guys are all relativly similar.

As far as how often and how much desire there is, I know that varies as much as the orgasms, even for a little horn-dog like me. Sometimes I get so randy I don’t even care about mushy “lovemaking” crap, and other times, I just want the tender, sweet stuff people only get when they are in love.

My question is, why do some guys scream and grimace as if they are in such pain, and some barely make a face at all, making it difficult to tell when the not-so-miraculous event occurs?

Oh, and I just want to say that I also saw that Desmond Morris video, where the woman’s cervical opening dipped into the sperm when she had an orgasm. (an image that remains with me, also) It would theoretically only work when the man had already finished. But in my experience, guys usually make sure the girl finishes, first, correct? Is this what everyone else does, or am I dating guys that are too nice? (ha ha, don’t get me started)

handy said:

Well, as luck would have it, Cecil has commented on this very topic (actually…have you ever searched for something like “Women orgasm” in the SD archives??? Astounding how often it do come up…)
But I digress… Cecil says,

wacky ninja sez:

Incredibly quick search of Medline using ‘birth control libido’ comes up with an article from UCLA’s OBGyn dept., and the abstract says:

The good news, though (actually, like I said above, I don’t think it’s all bad even so far! :slight_smile: ) is that some estrogen replacement therapy regimens increase libido. Woohoo, menopause, here I come!! (oh, wait…maybe in about thirty years…)

Ditto. I changed anti-depressants because I hadn’t had one since I went on the stuff, not even woken up from a dream having one, like I used to do. God, what a relief when I finally did have one again