My orgasm theory - do you agree?

After years of research and observation, at times not all that limited (i.e., my early days singing in a popular local rock and roll band when I was single and in my early 20s), I have made the following observation.

Generally, a woman’s orgasm is “better” than a man’s. That is, the pleasure a woman experiences during an orgasm seems more profound than the (albeit fantastic) experience men achieve at climax.

But, men have a stronger desire to have sex and orgasms as often as possible.

I’m sure there are sex-fiendish women out there who will say this is absolutely not true. I just suspect it is in general.

Your thoughts?

I remember in 8th or 9th grade my health teacher putting an orgasm chart on the board. A woman can have at least three orgasms by the time the man has one during normal intercourse

I , of course, thought this was really really cool.

And it’s true, so yes I think women have better orgasms than men. You might not think we are as sex crazy or sex driven as men, but we just know how to hide it better.:wink:

  1. If I am multi-orgasmic, I don’t know it (much to my chagrin)

  2. It seems as though the ones I have are more intense than a man’s. Not being nor having been a man, I can’t say for sure.

  3. Women who ARE multi-orgasmic have told me that single-stage orgasms…like mine…appear to be much more intense than what they feel when they have more than one.

  4. Sex is fun.

I find beer to be a suitable substitute for orgasms. (hic)

I have found that women can have differant levels of orgasms from mild jello shaking to earth shaking.

I am envious.

Seems a fairly acurate assesment to me. All the women I’ve been with have much better orgasms than me.

You should try it with a wombat!:smiley:

But if orgasming was a race, I would win every time!

Women can indeed have orgasms of different, umm, intensities. Mild jello shaking to earth shaking - I would say that captures it quite well.

As for who has the ‘better’ orgasms - my husband says that there is no doubt in his mind that I have by far the best orgasm(s), sometimes lasting 30 sec - 90 sec straight. He says if his were like that, he would be dead. But he loves every second of it.

Seriously. He is standing behind me dictating this word for word.

If you think women have got it good, you should check out a pig’s orgasm, it last for 30mins.
Well aparently, I’ve never been into animal husbandry, except for one animal inparticular that is.

Also another interesting fact, male praying mantis’s can only copulate after thei heds have been ripped of by the female, so be happy with what you’ve got.

Well, I’ve had everything from what I call a popcorn orgasm (short, intense bursts) to the Mt. Vesuvius (this is the one that makes my hair stand on end!). I do think female orgasms are different as compared to a male’s.

However, my understanding and research indicates that men have different orgasms as well. Sometimes a man may ejaculate but not with much feeling or intensity. When men orgasm, they ejaculate but it’s far more intense and stronger, longer lasting, than just a run of the mill ejaculation.

FWIW I don’t think there is much difference between men and women in the drive to achieve orgasm. Women may be more choosy about their partners but you can bet they get off just about as much as men. I’ve been years between lovers (at my own choice) but I still bring myself to orgasm.

Hamadryad – for the most part, multi-orgasmic just means that we are capable of having more than one in a short period of time. This doesn’t necessarily mean that women have one right after the other or that there is something “wrong” with you if you need a recovery period in-between orgasms.

Frankly, after a real rip-snorter, my clit is too sensitive to be touched for at least an hour or more. Everyone is different. That’s why sex is, as you say, “fun”. It is, or should be. If you aren’t having fun, you’re either doing it wrong, or you are with the wrong person!

one_sick_puppy – my understanding is that the human female is the ONLY female equipt with genitalia that is capable of orgasm. So if you mean a pig has a thirty minute orgasm you must be talking about the male, or boar.

I also find that difficult to believe. There is a design and a function to ejaculation. A thirty minute orgasm, for any mammal seems… well… silly. The pig is going to stay mounted to the female for thirty minutes? Have you ever watched any nature specials?

I’m not calling you a liar but I’d like some more information on this.

I agree with your theory Milo. I think women’s orgasms tend to be more intense as a general rule but less frequent.

Slight hijack though along the lines of some women finding it difficult to orgasm. if you had a choice which would you choose? Little or no problems with climax or having difficulties but with the possibility of mult-orgasmic activity?

Actually maybe you should just stick to answering Milo. The answer seems pretty clear to me…

Based on my experience…

If a man had to rate his sexual experiences on a scale of 1 to 10 (1 meaning hellish torture and 10 meaning sheer bliss), his best sexual experiences would be a 10 and his worst would be… oh, 8.75 or so! That is to say, a male orgasm is always good and it’s always about the same.

A woman, on the other hand, has a MUCH broader range of experiences. Ask a WOMAN to rate her best and worst sexual experiences, and she’d say the worst was -5 and the best was 20.

That is, when it’s done right, I have no doubt that a woman’s orgasm is WAY better than anything I’m ever going to experience. But I also know it’s not that good for a woman every time… just often enough to keep her coming back for more.

I didn’t say it was the female pig, I was refering to the fact that everyone was saying women have better orgasms.

I probably am wrong about the facts though I meant to put in a disclamer that I got this through email, and if everything in that were true I’d be dead 50 times over from chain mail I didn’t send on.

I know the praying mantis thing is true.

dpr sez: (I mis-typed ‘sez’ as ‘sex’ the first time, ha!)

"Slight hijack though along the lines of some women finding it difficult to orgasm. if you had a choice which would you choose? Little or no problems with climax or having difficulties but with the possibility of mult-orgasmic activity?

Actually maybe you should just stick to answering Milo. The answer seems pretty clear to me…"

Yeah? What’s your answer?

Many women (well, in an informal survey of my friends) find that the Pill depresses their libido. For me, this means that while it used to be way easy to orgasm, it takes a LOT more effort now. HowEVER…the effort is so OH MY GOD WORTH IT. Like, nearly passing out - that overwhelming. Took me a while to get used to it, but now…I like it. :smiley: Maybe I would feel differently if it weren’t still possible every time. I dunno. Don’t wanna try that experiment.

I notice Paraboy seems to enjoy more if there’s been a bigger build-up, too. No passing out, totally writhing, screaming scenes for him, though. Should I feel inadequate??

(hoping this hasn’t been too much information! just trying to contribute to the body of scientific knowledge! :slight_smile: )

Well I’d definitely have to take the latter option (difficulty but more intense and potentialliy multi-orgasmic). I already have difficulty ‘getting over the line’ I may as well enjoy other benefits too. :wink:
But I agree with you: sometimes the frustration only adds to the intensity and OMG!! sigh
gets lost in nice thoughts…

“Dick”-tating, eh? :smiley:

As for the OP, well, I wouldn’t yet know. innocent smile

I have never heard that the pill depresses your libido. I havne’t noticed any difference.:wink: Is there some sort of medical document that talks about this?

This may be a UL (I’ve never seen the study myself), but I have been informed that there was a study in which it was determined that when women orgasm, they have a hell of a lot more neurons in the brain’s pleasure center firing then orgasming men.

Anyone ever hear of this study?