multi-orgasmic men?

In the column “Who gets the most pleasure from sex, the man or the woman?” (05-Jan-1990: an oldie, but a goodie) Cecil states that ‘women can have multiple orgasms without having to rest in between’ and ‘Young men can have multiple orgasms within ten minutes or so, but this ability drops off sharply after age 30’.

I have in my possession a book which claims to teach men how to separate the orgasm from the male ejaculation. (I believe the name of the book is ‘The Multi-Orgasmic Man’, but I’m not going to go downstairs at this particular moment to verify the details.) I obtained this book shortly before wedding and learned the techniques during the first year of marriage. I now (at least seem to) have 2 or more orgasms during intercourse before ejaculating. I’ve never been able to bring myself to the nirvana that the book describes obtained by men who can feel satisfied with multiple orgasms, but without ejaculating. I’m very glad to just be able to experience some great sensations for a long period of time and never have to worry about ‘waiting’ for my spouse or recounting baseball statistics (which is good, because the only one I know is that baseball has 9 innings).

I’m almost positive such a racy topic must have been discussed before, but I found no mention of it on the boards. Have I been duped, or are my multiple orgasms real?

R.R. - Houston, TX

Welcome to the SDMB, Tyger. Just posting a link to the article: Who gets the most pleasure from sex, the man or the woman?

Depends on your definition of male orgasm. For most, I suspect, it involves ejaculation, in which case Unca Cec is correct (now what were the odds of that?).

I’ve read that orgasm and ejaculation are actually separate physiological processes, and that men can learn to separate them so as to enjoy more than one orgasm before ejaculation, which is what books like The Multi-Orgasmic Male (or whatever it’s called) are about.

But I’m not sure I understand the whole thing, because I’ve always found that it’s not too hard to have multiple orgasms with ejaculation each time, with as few as 15-20 seconds between orgasms (though 3 minutes or more is more likely). The volume of ejaculate is reduced each time, but it’s still there. And several friends of mine have reported the same thing.

So, what’s the deal with all the emphasis on men becoming multi-orgasmic? What am I missing here? Or is my experience, and that of my friends, just some freakish aberration of this particular area?

No question about it. You’re freakish. It’s extremely rare for males to be able to ejaculate every 20-30 seconds, or every 2-3 minutes, several times. For evidence, one only has to consult a decent porno movie. These guys, who are famed for being able to go at it for a long time and then ejaculate more or less on demand, never produce two “money shots” in that short of a time. If they could, they could demand a fortune, but, as it is, the babes get the big dough. But, for further evidence, I’d suggest asking a different set of friends, including women. You have rare friends who report the same phenomenon. It’s an amazing coincidence, or your friends are not as truthful as you think. You’re reporting the holy grail and you’re thinking what’s the big deal? Ask around, bub - do some research. You’ll see.

OK, to be accurate, the two friends that I spoke to didn’t report anything like 20-30 second gaps or even 2-3 minute gaps. They just said that yes, they were able to have more than one ejaculation. I just figured that it fell under what Cecil said about men under 30 being able to have multiple orgasms within 10 minutes or so.

Granted, there is a bit of difference between “within ten minutes or so” and my experience of two minutes and sometimes 20-30 seconds, but surely it’s mostly the same thing. Maybe.

You will have to excuse the vulgarity of this post, but I suppose it’s a vulgar topic so it should be ok.

I am able to orgasm 2 - 3 times with an average of 30 - 60 seconds between each orgasm. I have found that my limit is 4-5 orgasms in an approximate 10-minute period.

Each time I orgasm the amount of semen released decreases (as Chorpler mentioned) until the 4th or 5th time when there is no ejaculation, only the feeling of the orgasm.

I have always been able to do this, straight or under the influence of certain ‘substances’. The key to doing it is simple desire, if you have a high enough libido and know your body well it isn’t too hard, of course it’s actually quite straining on your body to do this, its surprising how much energy this can sap from you. It’s definitely not something that is done every day, it’s more for special occasions :). I should add that I am 25 years old.

Well, there is the “Coolidge Effect” – which I believe is real – but I’ve never been fortunate enough to experience first hand. :frowning:

Spiff, is the “Coolidge Effect” a reference to the following story/joke I once heard?

President Coolidge and the First Lady are visiting a farm, and Mrs. Coolidge notices a rooster and a chicken who are amorously engaged. She takes the farmer aside and asks him how many times a day the rooster engages in sex. Upon being informed that the rooster has sex dozens of times every day, she says “Please tell that to Mr. Coolidge.” The farmer goes over to President Coolidge and does so. After a momentary pause, Mr. Coolidge asks if the rooster has sex with the same chicken every time, or different chickens. The farmer says, “Different chickens.” Mr. Coolidge says, “Please tell that to Mrs. Coolidge!”