My other computer is logging off...and logging off...and logging off....and logging o

My other computer, an HP notebook running Vista Home Basic, is stuck in “logoff”. It’s been stuck that way for about a half hour.

Earlier it started acting up while I was using it; I had inserted a flash drive before booting it up and it wouldn’t start. Then when I removed the flash drive and started over, I was forced to go through a repair sequence which it said it could not finish.

However, I logged in again and managed to get in OK. I transferred a couple of files from the flash drive to the hard drive.

I had opened the ‘my computer’ window and was trying to close it, but it wouildn’t close. I tried closing it with the task manager, but it stilll wouldn’t close.

Finally I tried “log off” from the task manager menu,–that was a half-hour ago and it’s still logging off.

What can I do to fix this thing?