My pants are much too big.

So I had the Sinus Infection From Hell[sup]TM[/sup] a while back and my Dr. put me on some super-heavy-duty antibiotics for 2 weeks.

For some reason, these ABs made me swell up like a marshmellow - serious water retention.

During this time, I bought some new pants. They were too big when I bought them, so I had them taken in - I picked them up, and they fit perfectly. This was custom tayloring - they were perfect.

Fast foward to today. I decide to wear my new pants again and I chuck them on and head out.

I’ve been sitting here in my office checking out the pants. They’re HUGE!.

I can fit BOTH of my hands/arms, all the way down my pants at the same time. :eek:

(Yes it looks very goofy when I do this, for anyone who’s wondering.)

Imagine - these pants are at least 2 sizes too big. They’re huge. I’m going to have to get them taken in again, because I love them deeply.

But - who the heck knew that penicilin would make you retain water like that?

Not me - that’s for sure. :slight_smile:


What will fit in Alice in Wonderland’s pants?
That sounds like a swell party game.

Humm - let’s see…

Yep - I can cram a used printer cartridge down there!

Hey - my phone will fit as well!

I wonder if this recycle bin will go…

Look… Wink Martindale fits too!

And what the heck is this…

Jimmy Hoffa!?!?!

Will a radio fit in there?

How about a ream of paper?

Got a 3-ring binder handy?

Will 87 pens and pencils fit in your pants?

Lets see here munch:

radio - check
ream of paper - check
3 ring binder - chekity check-check
87 pens and pencils + 3 highlighters - check.

They are really quite large…

And everyone in her office is peeking over the tops of their cubicles wondering what the hell Alice is doing in there…

So, does that mean getting in those pants is falling down the alice_hole?


NAY! I’ve actually demonstrated the largeness of my pants to a number of my co-workers. :smiley:

You think this makes them not wonder?

Um… mind if I try that?


How does that old song go?

You can fit anything you want in Alice’s Pants?

Harpo Marx had his coat that held everything. You have the matching pants.

[Groucho Marx]I can’t understand what’s keeping that coffee pot.[/Groucho Marx]


When I clicked on this thread the next thread had a title of

Missing Cat…Any hope?

Do you have MissBHaven’s cat in there?

That should be “You can fit
Anything you want
In Alice’s tailored pants.”

Better rhythm with the “tailored” part there.

I can fit both my hands down my pants, but that’s 'cause I lost 30 pounds and haven’t been near a clothing store since. But me putting objects in my pants isn’t nearly as interesting as alice doing so.

You need to listen to some Lee Press On & The Nails, specifically “Everybody’s doin’ the big-pants dance.”

Humm - home now - let’s see…

Lava Lamp fit? Yep.
Sofa Cushion? No problem.
Cusinart? With room to spare, even!

I wonder if I can fit this dragon tree in…

*You can put anything you want in Alice’s roomy pants
There are various words and fonts in Alice’s roomy pants
Surf right in and go around to the back
Just a half a smile from the wiseass crack
You can put anything you want in Alice’s roomy pants

Excepting Alice.*
Obviously we’re waiting for twenty seven eight-by-ten colour glossy photographs with circles and arrows and a paragraph on the back of each one explaining what each one was to be used as, including pictures of the approach, the getaway, the northwest corner the southwest corner and that’s not to mention the aerial photography.

all I know is, I’m not going to be asking for a replacement toner cartridge from her any time soon…


When you stuff these things in your pants, are you wearing the pants?