My parents cat is missing - (one of my best friends)

I go to my folk’s house almost daily to see their two cats. Some people think I use the cats as an excuse to see my parents, and as much as I love my parents, those people are wrong. I go to their house way before they even wake up just to see my four-legged buddies. I love them so much!

Today I arrived at my parents house early in the morning, and was surprised to find my mother out of bed in the driveway of their house. Turns out one of the cats, (Brandy), is missing. Since then, we’ve all been doing what we can to find her. We’ve circled the block numerous times calling her name, put up flyers, talked to neighbors, called the police, called the SPCA, put ads out in all our local news papers, and posted on Facebook about it.

The weird thing is, this cat’s been allowed outside, BUT has only ventured further than our back deck a few times, (she knows she isn’t supposed to go off the back deck, and is too scared to do so aside from some rare occasions). She’s never left the yard… she actually hasn’t even come close to leaving the yard. Most of the time she goes out, she comes back inside after 15 minutes because she’s so scared.

She’s almost always monitored when she goes out. She must have snuck out when one of my folks opened the door. It really isn’t like her to venture off. If she was out all night, it’s shocking to me that she wasn’t waiting by the door to be let in by morning time.

Anyway, it’s only been a day… but it really sucks. I’m surprisingly calm right now, but the more time that goes by, the more I worry my little furry friend’s gone for good. I keep thinking about the worst possible things that could have happened to her. She’s such a great cat! I don’t know what I would do if she really was gone, I wasn’t expecting this at all.

Thanks to everyone who read all this. I’m sure some of you have pets of your own, or maybe have experienced something similar.

One of my guys, an indoor only cat, apparently escaped when I was carrying some things in and out. He was gone for three days. Then one morning as I was getting my coffee at 4:45 a.m. I heard him mewing at the door. I have no idea where he had been. But he did come home. Hoping your girl will too. By the way I know some people who got their cat back after six weeks, so don’t give up hope. Do go to the local shelter and put up a flyer though. Got some pictures? It helps to keep your sanity if you are doing something.

There’s a good probability that Brandy is somewhere in your yard or right next door. Cats when scared tend to hide and not move. Even when they hear their owners’ voices they stay still. Put out smelly catfood.


This. I had one of my cats fall out a window(long story) and although I called out, he never even meowed. The next day I found him hiding under the back porch, frozen in fear. It took a while to coax him out even when he saw me.

Check every place like that around the house or in the yard.

Keep us informed too, I’ll hug my kitties and dog extra tonight.

Yup. My cat fell out of my second story apartment window, and it took 28 days for me to find her again, at the bottom of my apartment. They’ll survive, but you need to keep looking. What worked for me was to get up at 4am every morning to call for her - it’s quieter at night, your voice carries further, and if you do it at a certain time every night, she’ll get used to the timing and know when to come out of hiding to look for you.

Thread here for happy endings. Best of luck to you, and keep up the searching.

I really hope this has a happy ending for both of you!

Yes, cats that aren’t used to being outdoors often will go into hiding not far from the house.
My cat slipped out of the house one night. We called and tried shaking a bag of treats but he didn’t respond at all. We then went around the house checking in the shrubbery and THEN he darted away from me out of one of the shrubs. Thank God that I had someone else coming around the house from the opposite direction who was able to capture him and wrangle him back into the house. They get so scared that they think they have to hide out and won’t react or come to their people for anything it seems.

cats are fickle. 4 days isn’t an unusual time for a cat that’s out for a little adventure.

My oldest cat was a house cat who never ventured past the stoop and I accidentally locked her out once. almost ran over her with the mower the next day. She was huddled in a ball near the garage door. Cat’s don’t like it if you bump them with a running lawn mower FYI. I got the stink-eye for the rest of the evening.

Another time she got out I found her next door in the pouring rain. Again with the stink-eye.

Hope your kitty gets back safe. If you buddy is truly a house cat I would look nearby and not the whole neighborhood. Also, if it’s an old cat it may be going deaf and can’t hear you. during the rain event she was huddled under a bush and I had to walk right up to her before she recognized me.

One of our cats went MIA for four days. Finally rolled back in with a look like “What are you looking at? Haven’t you ever seen yesterday’s clothes before?”

That’s why they call it “cattin’ around.”

The cat came back de very next day,
The cat came back—thought she were a goner!

Our ‘stinky’ came home! Thanks to everyone who responded. My pops heard her meowing at the door last night. Today she’s tired and has been bathing herself a lot. I have a picture of her and her Rag-Doll sister, but I don’t know how to share it. too bad, she’s a cuttie.

Thanks again Dopers!

So glad one of your favorite kitties came back! :slight_smile:


This made my day, and I needed it!:stuck_out_tongue:

Hooray! Glad to hear it all worked out!

Good to hear that the cat came back. A load of missing kitty pics went up all over my neighbourhood. They said he was “friendly and fearless”. The following week thr words “Found” and “Thankyou” were added to the posters. Yay for the cats that come back.

Hooray for your good news, but in three days when I’m still singing that damned song my happiness at your good fortune might be a wee bit diminished.

gwendee, you HAVE seen the Canadian cartoon haven’t you?

Go ahead and watch, I dare you. In 1999 Cartoon Network rated it as the fifth best cartoon of the millennium.

This reminds me of a sad story of many years ago. It was the 1st of Jan. I had a headache from 1 glass of champagne the night before. I had just turned a corner when I saw a cat literally frozen to the slush and snow in the gutter. As I drove by the eyes followed me. DAMMMIT. I had to stop. It had been hit by a car and I had to pry it out of the frozen gutter. I laid it on the floor of the car on some plastic wrap and let the heater warm it up on the way to the emergency vet. He/she started to thaw out and must have been in pain. I think the cat may have pooped in fear. The vet took one look and shook his head. $50 dollars later the cat went to meet it’s maker.

I feel bad for not hunting down the owner. My experience with a similar event (the dog lived) didn’t go well. I saw the car that hit it and took off. When I tracked down the owner I was treated as if I’d done it.

It really is good. Thanks!

You are evil! That song will be in my head for days now!