My Paypal page is in Chinese?

Just logged on to Paypal a little while ago and the whole page was in Chinese. I have certainly never used it in anything but English. So I found the language preference menu and switched back to English. Naturally I was suspicious, so I checked the transaction log and there don’t seem to be any fraudulent charges–no transactions at all for months, and the last one listed is a legitimate purchase of mine.

So is there any reason to be concerned?

You should, from another computer, email paypal and ask them. It’s entirely possible it’s no big deal…and yet it’s ALSO entirely possible your system is compromised.

Change your password.

From another computer. If you have a keylogger, changing your password from that computer is worthless.

Agreed. You want to access them from a different computer for the moment.

You might want to call them. Here’s a link to their Customer service page - You don’t have to log in to access this.

Click on “Call Us” in the #2 menu and it will give you a pin number to enter when you dial the phone number it shows.

Just because no illegitimate payments have been made yet doesn’t mean a scammer hasn’t got your info. I would definitely permanently change the password from a secure computer, then do a full virus scan just in case.

For what it’s worth, I have had my paypal hacked once before, and they spent $50 on some in-game currency for an online game I had never heard of (Atlantica or something iirc)… problem is, I never had a virus and I don’t click on phishing emails. I always check the full headers on my emails… I honestly have NO idea how they got my info, unless they hacked into my banking website or my online game’s website (because I use the same email/passwords there). They could have gotten yours, too, no matter how safely you surf.

A friend of mine had $300 in fraudulent iTunes charges scammed from her paypal account, right before rent was due. Talk about some bullshit.

Thanks. I’m taking all precautions mentioned.

I Suggest if you have nothing important files on your pc… do a clean reformat… maybe you access phishing site…