My personal experience with mandatory Covid vaccinations

Thank you both. The numbers seem to be lower than I imagined. Nevertheless, although I did use the word “deadly”, my main point was that there are some real dangers, even if those dangers affect only a tiny number of people. Those who suffered anaphylaxis are fortunate to have gotten treatment in time, or else they very possibly could have died.

Those of us who are are pro-vaccine may have a tendency to ignore these things, because the chances are so very close to zero. My only point is to be honest and realize that there is indeed a very slight chance of bad results.

Not really. It might be as low as zero. On the OTHER side, we have what is probably over 5 million deaths by now. Anaphylaxis isn’t nearly as scary as it sounds when it happens in a controlled medical environment where they know what they are doing. That’s why we’re supposed to stick around after getting the shot.

So, yeah. I’m perfectly fine with continuing to ignore these “risks” and assuming that every single person out there who refuses to get vaccinated is a selfish asshole who is using excuses like this as a cover.

Affirming there are vaccines for Hep A and Hep B. They’ve been required for every hospital I’ve worked in. There is no vaccine for Hep C, but there are good treatments for it, at least.

I read every year of hospital nurses who refuse to even get flu shots.

What is your point in this? I mean, there are probably situations where wearing a seat belt could end up killing you (I don’t know, maybe you get thrown clear before the car explodes or something), but you should definitely wear a seat belt. With vaccines, if there are five chances in a million that it kills you and a 1 in a 100 chance that COVID kills you, it seems pretty clear what you should do.

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Every thing you do has a risk. Walk out of your house and get hit by a car. A bad fall inside the house. The OP didn’t claim the vaccine killed his father. If he was on the edge, three days without food or water might have killed him.

“The OP didn’t claim the vaccine killed his father. If he was on the edge, three days without food or water might have killed him.”

This. The ER said he was severely dehydrated.

Covid didn’t kill my father. The nurse didn’t kill my father.

The nurse, who dedicated her entire adult life to helping people with medical problems, has moved to Florida and is continuing to help people in need, at least for now.

I’m very sorry for your loss. I’m also sorry that your father’s favorite nurse up and left rather than protect herself and her patients by getting vaccinated. I understand wanting to wait a little at the start, but it’s been more than “a little”, and literally billions of doses of vaccine have been administered world-wide (380M in the US) with very few adverse reactions.

More Than 5.71 Billion Shots Given: Covid-19 Vaccine Tracker (

But people do stuff like that. When my son was in nursery school, one of the teachers (thankfully, not in his classroom) went on vacation and emailed her resignation from her vacation in Mexico. Her kids were devastated. None died, because 4 year olds are more physically robust than most nursing-home residents. But it was pretty unpleasant.

People who care for others sometimes make bad choices. I’m really sorry that the nurse’s bad choice affected you and your father this way.

I’m very sorry about your father.

This is my personal experience with mandatory vaccinations:

My cousin’s daughter, a nurse’s aide, quit her job over the mandatory vaccine. Also convinced her mother and family (whom she lives with) not to get vaxxed. They all got covid a few weeks ago. They were all quite sick, and my cousin’s husband barely made it. The daughter also sent her 8-yr-old son to school during the 1st week the husband was in urgent care, knowing he’d been exposed. Her Facebook pic has a photo of her with the blurb, “Unmask Our Kids!”

I would probably phrase that something like:
The nurse, who dedicated her entire adult life up until early 2021 to helping people with medical problems, has now added potentially killing her patients to her caregiving methods, and has moved to Florida as she hopes to continue to be able to potentially kill her patients in a state that seems okay with the purge going on right now.

I got my Pfizer booster Saturday. I was out celebrating Saturday evening at an outdoor brewery that hosted a local band I like. I overheard a woman telling everyone about her sister who worked for Walmart for twenty years and was now going to be out of a job and penniless because of a vaccine mandated by her employer.

Get the vaccine, which is free and recognized by the CDC as the best way to stay healthy? Nope, she was basically being fired.

More like, she decided that, rather than taking an almost perfectly safe vaccine, she’d rather risk spreading a deadly disease to elderly people who can ill afford a breakthrough infection because she (the nurse) apparently doesn’t really understand medicine, vaccines, or science.

As Biden said, “our patience is wearing thin”.

Neither did vaccine mandates.

Then what’s your point? Your experience with vaccine mandates is that something completely unrelated to vaccine mandates killed your father?

Oh, and this:

is incorrect. They didn’t “wait a while to see how things go before getting vaccinated”. They waited, saw that the vaccine was extremely effective, and then waited some more. They waited until they saw that the vaccine was 100.0000% safe, and still waited. They waited until they saw that they would lose their jobs if they kept waiting, and still they waited. Just what, exactly, were they waiting to see that they didn’t see?

I think they were waiting to see if they didn’t have to take responsibility for their foolish actions. And as it turned out, they did have to take responsibility. It was a lesson in how to grow up.

I’m sorry your father died. Any change in routine can send a very elderly person down the path toward death. A nurse told me this when my mother was dying.

To be very clear, it was NOT the mandate that led to the nurse leaving. It was her very foolish and dangerous refusal to get vaccinated. The mandate worked to remove a threat to patient and staff health and safety.

I shudder to think of her working with vulnerable elderly patients in Florida. I hope her new employer cares enough about patients to require staff to get vaccinated. Otherwise, her “helping” people in need may actually be killing them.

Yes, according to his post history, they’ve been “waiting a while” since at least April. It amazing that you need 6 months to decide to do something that has essentially no negative effects and could literally save lives, but only about 24 hours to decide to quit your job and move across the country.

I wonder if her chances of dying due to the stress of the move, from accidents that happen when packing and moving boxes up and down stairs, and the actual transportation (by car, say) were higher than her chances of dying from the vaccine. I’m going to say, probably!

In The Fight Against COVID, Health Workers Aren’t Immune To Vaccine Misinformation Even Some Health Care Workers Refuse To Get The COVID-19 Vaccine : NPR

Nurses are less likely to get vaccinated than doctors, and some hospitals are afraid to mandate vaccination because they will be short staffed if they do.

It’s good that you keep in touch with her. I’m sorry for your loss.