My personal experience with mandatory Covid vaccinations

My father has been in a nursing home for almost two years. He had Covid early on while in the nursing home and got both vaccine shots when they became available.

When visits became available I talked to three staff members during my first visit, the receptionist, the nurse’s aid who escorted him to the visitor area, and the head nurse. All three said they were “going to wait a while to see how things go” before getting vaccinated themselves.

Dad was a WWII Navy veteran – saw action all the way across the Pacific and witnessed the Japanese surrender. His favorite nurse in the nursing home was a retired Navy nurse and they got along famously.

Last week the home announced that all staff members had to be vaccinated. Dad’s favorite nurse quit (along with I don’t know how many others – I know that the head administrator was having a frantic time trying to run the reception area).

When his favorite nurse quit Dad cried. He stopped eating. Three days later he was rushed to the hospital, unresponsive.

Dad’s funeral will be on Saturday.

I’m sorry for your loss, but the nursing home’s policy seems appropriate (but probably 6 months late).

A nurse who is medically able to be vaccinated and chooses to risk the lives of patients in their care is an unrelenting piece of shit and should be fired, preferably out of a cannon.

I’m sorry for your loss. The vaccine mandates will save thousands of lives, probably tens of thousands. That idiotic nurse was a risk to everyone working or staying in the nursing home.

Into the sun.

It turns out that a lot of the Republican block of governors who are up in arms over mandatory vaccinations come from states that require vaccinations for things like measles, etc. for all school children. These include Texas, South Carolina, Montana and Alabama. In fact, most every state has these sorts of mandates. Seems like the definition of hypocrisy to me.

I’m so sorry that your dad’s nurse gave him a deadly covid infection. This could all have been avoided if she had just followed the recommendations of medical experts.

The OPs father did not die of Covid, he died from giving up when his favourite nurse was fired for being unvaccinated. The nurse wouldn’t have been fired if he or she cared enough for her patients to get vaccinated.

Yep, he died because he really liked a selfish prick of a nurse who would rather get fired than get a vaccine that would protect her and he patients.

And I see that our OP is a fan of Ivermectin as a “treatment” for Covid.

Things that make you go “hmmmmm”

I think the implication is that he died from a broken heart, which wouldn’t have happened if the nursing home didn’t violate the imaginary freedoms of his favorite nurse, who believes that the Constitution says no one can make her do anything she doesn’t want to do.

I guess she just didn’t love dad as much as he loved her. It was her choice all along.

I’m sorry, and I can only imagine how furious you are with that nurse. Have you talked with them?

Are you saying that his life was dependant on this particular nurse being there? That’s sad. So who is it that you are calling out? Sorry about your Dad.

My experience: I’m the head of a union local, and I’m surveying members to see if we can endorse a mandate for our district. If it were all my decision it’d be done and dusted, but I gotta survey folks. My only question is to what degree I make it a push poll.

If vaccines are universally mandatory, then the situation described in the OP would not happen. There is no reason to quit because of a vaccine mandate if all jobs require vaccination.

I’ve been reading that large companies like the mandate for this reason.

It blows my mind that there are nurses who refuse to get vaccinated. Did they also refuse the Hep-C vaccine?

It seems that (almost?) all the responses to the OP are from people who feel that the nurse was very wrong, and should have gotten vaccinated. I feel that way too.

But I’m not so sure that the OP agrees. The title of this thread is “My personal experience with mandatory Covid vaccinations”. It’s NOT “My personal experience with an anti-vaxxer nurse.” I suspect that the OP’s point is that if the vaccinations had stayed optional, then the nurse would not have quit, and his father would still be alive.

Yes, but it is important for us pro-vaxxers to remember that there ARE losses on the other side. And not only the type described by the OP, but people who do suffer real and deadly medical side-effects from the vaccine and/or the other ingredients. The number is far fewer than those who have been saved by the vaccine, but it isn’t zero.

According to the CDC there is no vaccine for Hepatitis C.

There are vaccines for Hep B.

It is very close to zero.


…. To address the misinformation about VAERS, the CDC shares context around adverse events associated with the COVID-19 vaccines and emphasizes that reports of deaths (and other adverse events) do not necessarily mean the vaccines are to blame. “A review of available clinical information, including death certificates, autopsy, and medical records, has not established a causal link to COVID-19 vaccines,” the CDC notes…

Except that there may well be NO such people. I posted this in another thread, but this part is worth repeating here (all bolding mine):

“Around 5 in a million people experience what appears to be a severe allergic reaction to the Covid-19 vaccines,” said David Stukus, MD, a Professor of Pediatrics in the Division of Allergy and Immunology at Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Columbus, Ohio. “We initially thought that individuals with allergy to vaccine ingredients called polyethylene glycol, or polysorbate may have been those experiencing reactions because there are virtually no other components of the mRNA vaccines or Johnson & Johnson that are really identified as causes of allergic reaction. But after investigation, these don’t appear to be the cause of this very rare anaphylaxis,” added Stukus.

“Anaphylaxis can occur very rapidly after vaccine administration. It is very easily treatable with epinephrine, and other medications. And all of the people who had reported anaphylaxis recovered eventually, I’m not aware of any person who has died from anaphylaxis after a Covid-19 vaccine,” said Stukus.

Many of these suspected allergic reactions simply aren’t due to allergy, but they have symptoms that can mimic an allergic reaction. There’s something called a vagal response which has similar symptoms - you can pass out, you get very sweaty, you get pale, you feel tingly, you can vomit, you feel pretty awful, but its not an allergic response,” said Stukus.

“After several billion doses of the various Covid-19 vaccines across the world and hundreds of millions of doses in the United States alone, we are not seeing increased risk for allergic reactions for anybody with food, environmental medication venom or latex allergies. People who have a history of anaphylaxis can safely receive these vaccines, but they may wish to receive it in a medical facility where they can be monitored for 30 minutes with epinephrine available, just in case, more for peace of mind than anything else,” said Stukus.