"My Pet Goat" and New Orleans

Did anyone else notice a similarity between the “My Pet Goat” incident during 9/11 and the response time for helping New Orleans?

Both took (although different time scales) waaay too long.

No grand theory. Just something I noticed.

Have you tried the Pit?

Damn, hasn’t he finished that book yet?

Well, he was interrupted the last time he tried to read it.

The issues is simply that Bush cannot think on his feet. If he’s been briefed and has time to think about an issue, he can react, but if it’s something unexpected, he never knows what to say. He giggles nervously or says something inane.

If Clinton or Bush, Sr., or Reagan were in a similar position when 9/11 occurred, they would have quietly told the class that something important has come up and he was sorry but he’d have to leave early. They would have been off the stage in less than a minute – to applause – and start dealing with the problem. W freezes up whenever faced with the unexpected.

Bill Maher commented on this on his show last week.

‘Five days? It makes you long for the time when the President sat on his arse for seven minutes!’

I would expect the My Pet Goat connection to be covered by either The Onion or Michael Moore…