My processor slows down to save power. Could it sometimes fail to speed back up?

I’ve got a computer program which runs much more slowly for me than it does for others with systems similar to my own.

Is it possible (well, anything’s possible, so is it plausibly possible) that this is happening because my laptop’s powersaving feature–wherein it slows the processor down to about half speed when it is relatively idle–is failing to deactivate when I run this program?

To test this, I would need to somehow manually deactivate the feature. I know probably every model has a different way to deactivate the feature, if any. Noodling around in the device manager has turned up nothing, but does anyone have any leads as to where I might want to look to find a way to deactivate the feature?

I’m running Windows XP, on a Compaq machine.


There should be a section under control power called Power Options, or something similar (the icon is a plug and/or battery.) In there should be settings for power saving features and whatnot.

A lot of processors slow down when they start to overheat. Check your vents for dust buildup. Also make sure you put the laptop on a hard flat surface. Laptops don’t do well when you put them in your lap (kinda ironic, huh?).

You might also want to put the task manager up and see who’s hogging all of your CPU time.

This is done in the BIOS. Cool ‘n’ Quiet (AMD) or SpeedStep (Intel) usage can be toggled on/off there. Hit F2 (or whatever button the mobo screen says to hit to enter setup) and dig around there.