My PS2 has quit playing PS1 games - am I SOL?

PS2 games work just fine. When I load a PS1 game, however, it reacts as though the feed cable is loose - the video flickers and then cuts out entirely.

I am heartbroken about this but not surprised. I have worked my PS2 hardover the years, and it’s given me a lot of good times. But I still have a large selection of PS1 games that I love to play.

Do I have any options or do I just suck it up and say goodbye to most of my Final Fantasies?

What version of the PS2 do you have? I had a repair shop tell me once that the older model boxy versions are fairly easy and cheap to repair regardless of what breaks. With the newer slim models you are better off just buying a new one.

To be honest, I don’t know. i didn’t buy it when it was brand new, but I bought it about a year after. I will go home and look - how do I tell what version it is?

In this case, though, she could just buy a used PSX (probably for less than $20).

Just do a google image search. The two look very different.

Here you go.

Oh, I see. I definitely have the bigger clunkier of the two. Ok, I will look into it and see if it’s worthwhile. However, it may be moot. A family member has a PS2 that he has used maybe twice in its lifespan (I mean, really - the man buys gadgetry like a drunken sailor) and he may be willing to give his to me or even sell it to me for a low cost. So if that’s the case, I’m back in shape!

P.S. That slimmer one looks *really[/] sleek.

One tutorial which may work. You might not be comfortable mucking around in the entrails, though. I tried this and wasn’t able to fix my problem, so I bought a new one. In my case, it wouldn’t play any games or DVDs whatsoever.

I don’t like bashing particular consoles but I had a particularly annoying experience with the PS2 slim. I purchased one, used admittedly, back in 2007 and for awhile it worked great, but I didn’t use it that much as I had mostly moved on to the 360 and the PS3. Eventually it stopped playing certain PS2 discs, including God of War 2, Gran Turismo 4 and a copy of Rogue Galaxy that I had also purchased used. I took that copy of Rogue Galaxy back 3 times and exchanged it before I hit upon the idea that the problem might not have been the discs, but the system itself. I also realized that all the games I was having problems with had something in common, they were all dual layered DVDs.

After doing some digging I came across a lot of people who said they were having the same problems. It turns out the DVD drive in the PS2 slim apparently has a much weaker laser, or at least one that’s prone to failing, as this was a known issue with the system. I gave that system away to some friends and bought one of the old PS2 systems and it’s worked great on everything I’ve thrown at it.