My Racist Rant On Universalism!

The reason racism exists because of our Universalist mindset, we should all obey nature’s highest law, which is the preservation of one’s own kind just like other mammals and not to mix together because each race is genetically different, a different species and some are pre-programmed to act violently under the stresses of living in a modern, civilised society.

The biggest enemy we face today is not racism but the mindset of Universalism that has been cleverly programmed into people for nearly 1,700 years. Look up the word “Catholic” in an unabridged dictionary. You will see it is Greek in origin and literally means “universal.” The Christian religion was created from the myths and faiths of many older religions in order to unite the many races, nations, and cultures of the degenerate Roman Empire. The financial power behind Rome had themselves proclaimed “God’s chosen path” in the new Catholic religion, then hired the Roman legion to murder everyone in Europe that wouldn’t accept it. Most of the stories about Jews being persecuted are as phoney as the so-called Holocaust dogma.

It is sad but today Universalism is also taught by secular institutions such as schools, governments and the media. I do believe it is a mistake to hate every Jew, Black, Christian, or American etc…, even though their institutions are determined to mix us out of existence. But nonetheless, as long as they embrace Universalism, they are my mortal enemies.

For centuries, we have given the White man’s food, technology, medicine, and wealth to coloured races and now we have to surrender the last of our territory, power, and women to these people. This is insanity caused by a Universalist mindset, nature declares separate, exclusive territory for the survival of each race and specie. And nature’s laws declare inter-specie compassion to be suicidal if it is detrimental to our own race or species.

We need to cleanse our minds of all dogma and propaganda. Then realize that the White race cannot survive without exclusive White nations.

The Enlightened One

No, no, no. That’s not how you start a fight here.

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That’s how you start a fight.

Nature’s highest law I found is we are all interconnected and all need each other and members of the same family and ultimately of the same spirit.
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I think you missed console vs PC, Chrome vs Firefox vs IE, and planes on treadmills.

Nobody is trying to start a fight, just trying to reach people with our message of racial survival through the internet, music, social events and Blood and Honour. We can’t fight or compete with the system media, but we must reach as many folk as possible so that we have a dedicated core of racial survivalists to start a new nation somewhere and sometime.
I am not starting a fight because in an occupied country a wise man does not paint a target on his chest. Tattoos, public demonstrations with Nazi flags or KKK regalia, just identifies you to the enemy and makes our side look weak. The illegal aliens can put 500,000 people on the streets in one city. The faggots can put 125,000 on the streets of another city. We can put a few dozen at most on the streets, on the internet or anywhere. Why advertise that our resistance is puny, powerless and pathetic. Instead build a hard core that some day won’t be the three p’s above.

The Enlightened One

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I am just natural law philosopher and White nationalist who obeys nature’s highest law, which is the preservation of one’s own kind.

I came to spread the word. 14/88

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I just don’t buy “we have given the white man’s food” as anything but a troll. Possibly a sock of New Deal Democrat.

Well, my kind is Mankind - what the hell are you? Some sort of sub-species? Bah, go away.

I do not associate with Stormfront because my religion is Wotanism and my preaching is not BS my friend.
Our children face a terrible future. Teach them to be wise and cunning when among the enemy. Our folk were brave. The jews were cunning. So now they rule the world and sentence our race to death. Courage without cunning is suicide.

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What is “white man’s food”? Is that like, mayonaisse, or twinkies?

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When you say “each race is genetically different, a different species,” you are flat-out wrong. If it were true, people of different races would not habitually interbreed, but they do, quite happily. There are genetic differences in different human populations, but that’s not the same thing AT ALL as saying there’s a genetic basis for the American social categories of White, Black, etc.

ETA: I see a mention of the Jews, many (but not all) of whom are white. And that you practice Wotanism, which is kind of interesting, but there’s no reason to think the ancient Scandinavians and Germans had any real opinion on Jews or Black people, much less a worry about mixing with them. Wotan repected courage and character, and there’s no reson to think he wouldn’t have admired a Jewish person or a Black person who lived according to his values.

You people don’t understand, The Creator made lions to eat lambs, wolves to eat rabbits, hawks to eat sparrows, and the races of men to fight for women, territory, power and life. There is no love, just law, harsh, cruel, unforgiving but perfect, natural law.

You know that settles it, I am going to ask out that beautiful woman who has been hanging out at my local. She is tall and African American if I am lucky enough to marry her, I will put our children up against yours any day. Gauntlet dropped


PS I am white as the summer day is long

Wotanism? As in, “Will Of The Aryan Nation”? That Wotanism? Because you can’t slip a piece of paper between Wotanism and Stormfront.

And what if the creator made Jews to dominate whites, and blacks to entice white women?