My Raspberry Project

Retropie gaming console with 4500+ games on 12 consoles!

Raspberry Pi is a card sized motherboard with 4 USB ports and built in WiFi/Bluetooth. It has a 1.2 Ghz quad core CPU and 1 gig memory. It uses a microSD card as SSD drive. It is a popular motherboard that’s used for many projects.

Here I made it into a gaming console using a Retropie OS and Emulation Station. This is the stuff I put together:

I bought a microSD card loaded with Retropie OS, Emulation Station and 4500+ games:

Pretty slick, especially with that case. What’s the latest generation that a Model B can run with interpolation/resolution upscaling? I’ve always wondered that. PSX is okay, but N64 is pushing it is my guess.

I’ve been thinking about doing this forever, but using an old i5-4690k I have lying around rather than a Pi. Unfortunately full ATX HTPC cases are expensive, I gave away my better spare GPU, etc. so it’s like $400.

The PC like yours will do better. Getting the emulators is no problem but getting the roms (games) is near impossible because of the lawsuit from Nintendo.

There was lots of gaming sites offering roms for many consoles but they pulled their rom sections. You might find a few who’s a holdout but you’ll be looking hard for it or go underground.

The microSD card I have is made for Retropie but I was able to extract the roms from it for my PC. Only the emulators are machine specific and the roms are codes from the cartridges and CDs/DVDs.

I really like that Raspberry NES.

Neat project. I like that case to bring the retro gaming console look.

Thanks guys. It’s the mini Nintendo box with working power/reset buttons.

what I want is something handheld that can run stuff…….

There’s some good handheld game consoles on the market but not the cheap ones. Their controls are awful and the screens sucks.