My Red Torch Ginger (Etlingera elatior) bloomed

My Red Torch Ginger finally sent up a flower after growing in my greenhouse for over 3 years. The flower stalk is over 5 FEET tall! Now that the plant is mature, I hope the flowers come more often.

That is really beautiful! I almost doesn’t look real. How lucky you are to have a greenhouse!

Wow, that is a beauty! Please forgive my ignorance, but is there a spicy scent to a Red Torch Ginger flower, or to any other part of the plant? When I lived in San Antonio, a neighbor had a large flowering plant that emitted a gingery scent, and I have often wondered what it was.

Wow, That’s spectacular!
By some strange coincidence, *Etlingera elatior * is also today’s Botany Photo of the Day. The yellow fringes on your flower make it prettier than the BPOTD shot.

Way too cool! That is a gorgeous flower.

Very nice.

There really isn’t any scent from the flower, but if you cut the plant it does have a spicy scent to it.

San Antonio is much too cold for this plant. They start to decline when temperatures drop into the 50’s.

Thanks for the info!
Somehow I didn’t notice that you mentioned having grown the plant in a greenhouse. :smack: