My rocket fizzled (boo hoo)

Ever since whichever evil doper it was introduced us to Rocket Mania a few months ago, I’ve been playing it assiduously – I always have a window open with it on when I’m on the computer, and play it while waiting for threads to load, during pauses in IM conversations, etc.

My current game is about two months old, and I was closing in on 9 million points. Yes, 9 million points. I was up around 8.87 million, IIRC, and was thinking I’d probably hit 9 million today or tomorrow – and was wondering if the clicker went up to octuple (?) digits, something I’d find out in a week or a week and a half. And then, of course, delusions of grandeur kicked in, and I started wondering just how high I could go – I haven’t dropped below 12 matches since I started the game.

But then – somehow it didn’t get closed properly last night when I signed off, and the current game is gone, gone, GONE.

:frowning: Damn, that doesn’t begin to cover it – I want the “wah, wah,” buckets of tears smiley from Yahoo!

Oh well, time to start another game…

Rocket Mania game? Link perhaps?

I’m not sure you’ll thank me for this – but here you go.

Holy crap, almost 9 million? I discovered the game a few nights ago and I was proud of my 0.2 million until I stumbled upon your thread.

And school’s about to start back up, so I don’t know if I’ll ever reach your score.

lilbtagna – keep in mind, this was after a couple of months, not a couple of nights. I started this particular game (the strategy version, played at [ahem] the easy level) the first weekend in November.

My only hint – always go for the matches, even though the counter doesn’t go above 20 on them.

I always preferred the timed version to the strategy version. I mnaged, I think, level 31 or so. Can’t remember how much above 3 million I got. The key is to go for 4+ rockets at once, then get the subsequent coins. I’ve gotten 25K in the first level alone, though only a few times.

Well, I know what I’ll be playing the rest of the night. :slight_smile: