My scampy heros are stuck in the mud!

Tired of reading that democrats are trying to turn us into muslim socialists? That republicans are trying to turn us into corporate slaves? Tired of the death, destruction and exploding nuclear reactors in Japan? Tired of the SDMB rape month slowly becoming instead the year of the rapists?

Well, here is some more light hearted drama to focus your time and energy on.

Long story short. There is about a 400? mile race from Tampa to the Keys called the Everglades Challenge. Its only for small non-motorized boats. Think canoes, kayaks, and small sailboats. Your boat has to be small enough and light enough to drag down the beach without any outside assistance. In this race participants typically paddle or sail or both almost non stop for the better part of a week. Its so tough that a large fraction never finish it.

Anyhow, two guys from Oklahoma built a SCAMP. Its a new sailboat designed for “microcruising”, which is basically camping with a small sailboat. The emphasis of microcruising is to keep things simple and cheap, with the idea you’ll probably do it more often and have more fun doing it than if you have some very expensive more normal sized sailboat .

Well, these two guys were near the front of the pack until on the last day/leg of the trip when they took a wrong turn in a very large and shallow bay. The bay bottom is a deep layer of ooze, so you really can’t even walk on it / in it.

The’ve been stuck for two days and it looks like it will be a few more before they can get out or anybody can get to them
Here is the website that describes SCAMP. The real drama starts on about page 14 of the Everglades Challenge thread. Go to the Scamp builds underway thread to see the construction of this cute little boat. After a few pages, you start to get some interesting pictures of its construction and details.

Link to their current position/predicament. Turn it on to satellite view to see the really shallow water. SPOT is an emergency beacon/GPS/message sending system.

Seach youtube for SCAMP sailboat for a short video of it in operation. Search youtube for Everglades Challenge start for a video of the strange collection of watercraft that enter this race (it looks more like a collection of homeless people that live on the water than your typical race)

Oh yeah, these two guys, with all their gear, are in a boat thats only 11.5 feet long.

Gotta run, but I thought some folks might find this interesting.

They just broke free about 7pm eastern!

Hope they can navigate out of there without getting stuck again.