My Screen Savers don't kick in.

I have XP Pro and the damned screen savers don’t work.

If you are going to tell me to re-install the Screen Saver section, would it be too much to ask for specific directions?

Do you leave any media players open like Windows Media Player or Winamp? I know for a fact that Windows won’t go over to the screen savers while WMP is open unless you go into WMP options and specifically override the setting. It does this (and other media players of course) so you don’t get the screen saver while watching a movie or watching “visualizations.”

I’ve also had problems getting the screen saver to come up while I’ve got explorer windows open with video thumbnails in them. Somehow Windows finds these thumbnails to be videos…

I have the same problem. And no, nothing at all is open. My computer at home would only start the screen saver up about 50% of the time. If I hadn’t touched the computer in a while and noticed the SS was not running, I would just move the mouse to restart the timer. The one at work (not the one I’m using, a different one) I can see out of the corner of my eye, coming out of SS mode throughout the day. It never keeps the SS running like it should. I don’t think I’ve ever come in in the morning to find the SS on.

BTW for my computer at home, I switched it to the slideshow where it flips through the pictures in the My Pictures file and it’s been more or less fine since then.

No, they don’t come on no matter what. I can have just the desktop running and the screen savers stay away.

Go to control panel, display, and click on the screen saver tab. Click on preview. If the screen saver comes on, it’s not a problem with your screen saver. If the screen saver doesn’t come on, then it is a problem with your screen saver.

You can press ctrl-alt-del or right click on the task bar to bring up the task manager. Something is probably running in the background that is preventing the screen saver from coming up.

I got the screen saver to come on after doing what you said.

I then hit Ctrl-Alt-Del, clicked on the Programs tab to find nothing’s running but straightdope.

Keep in mind that screensavers these days are misnamed. They do not in fact save screens these days. Modern screens don’t typically suffer the type of burn-in that they were invented to counteract. You are fighting the battle for entertainment purposes only.

Click on the processes tab then. This one isn’t going to be so obvious. You can go to someplace like this and see what processes are running and what they do. That might give you a clue as to which one is preventing the screen saver from working.

In some cases if the bios is set to allow lan activity to bring the computer out of stand by, might it not keep the screen saver from runing?

Do the manual screen saver check again and see if it will stay that way for a period of time longer then you have the screen saver wait to kick in. You should see if it will run for 12 minutes, if the screen saver is scheduled for 10 minutes. The process that reinitializes the screen saver countdown may have a period of 5 or 9 minutes. This would check for that.

I should add that even though the slide show more or less works, the monitor only turns off about 20% of the time.

I tried this just now, while wife and I are babysitting our almost-one-year-old grandkids and it’s just hopeless. Too many distractions. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

I’ll try again later. Thanks for the tip, HD.

I’m just too stupid.

I tried the Harmonious Discord’s tests twice. Once the SS ran for 10 minutes, 20 seconds; the second time, 11 minutes 20 seconds. (I used a stop watch.)

The timing for the SS to kick in is 15 minutes. And in Task Manager’s Processes, I have a whole mess of crap, but the only thing actually running is System Idle Process, and the value in the CPU column is a steady 99. Everything else is 00 except Task Manager and that value fluctuates from 00 to 01.

I am so ignorant, I cannot interpret the significance of anything I have mentioned above. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

So, it looks like I won’t achieve Screen Saver Serenity, but like Shagnasty says it isn’t all that important.

Thank you all very much for trying to help.

Your not stupid, just frustrated.

I can’t spend a lot of time on the Internet now. Replies may take a day or two.

It’s coming out of the screen saver, because of something hard ware is doing. The normal background programs in XP won’t be doing that. You said the mediaplayer is not on is one of the routines that can cause problem. You never said if you have Internet programs running.

I will say that the input from a mouse is usually what I find is the problem. The slightest vibration from walking, or the weight of the cord can register a movement, and the cycle starts over. If you have a USB mouse you can try this to see if the mouse is doing this. Start windows and after it is running disconnect the USB mouse. Give it about twenty minutes to see if the screen saver kicks in. You can plug the USB mouse back in and the mouse will be available. You must not have any mouse connected during the test period. We can try again if that don’t work.

Thanks. I will try it tomorrow a.m. (Playing poker at the moment.)