My seeds are sprouting! My seeds are sprouting!

I repotted my avocado today, which is coming along very well, and pruned back the pineapple a bit: poor thing, I think it’s languishing, and may not survive the winter. The calanchoe is a miracle to behold: so far I’ve taken three cuttings from it, and all are being fruitful and multiplying. And the rubber plant had to be moved outside because it was getting too big for the bathroom, and the ornamemtal pepper has taken its place, so all in all I’m doing well.

The weather has been rotten the last couple weeks here. Cold. Last weekend it snowed, yuck! Still, before it got ugly, I planted sweet allyssum and pansies, which can survive a lot of cold. I’m going plant shopping today and will get more herbs than I need, some tomatoes, some peppers and probably a bunch of annuals.

I’ve got a bunch of perennials that need to be transplanted, but it’s too wet to do that now. I’m hoping it will be dry by Wednesday because I’ll have some time then to plant…


Well, I need to weed and mow the lawn this weekend, but it’s too freakin’ cold. Phooey on Mother Nature, I say.

Wile E, that’s the honest truth. My cats love nothing better than munching on my spider plant. When I bring new houseplants in, I test them on the cats first to see if they want to eat them, and if they do, on a ceiling hook they go. And no, I don’t buy poisonous plants like dieffenbachia or poinsettia.