my Seinfeld dream

Ok, I had a dream last night where Jerry Seinfeld was doing stand up, and this is the only part that I remember:

Jerry: So I’m eating a package of those sour jacks the other day, and I notice, on the back of the pack, there’s one of those ‘sell by’ dates on there. Now I’m thinking, ‘What is the deal with that?’ I mean, when milk sits in your fridge past that little magic date, it goes sour… [audence laughs, seeing the punchline without Jerry having to say it – some guy is heard saying “that’s so true…”]

has anyone ever heard this joke performed before? or did it just happen to manifest itself as jerry in my dream?

Well, in my Seinfeld dream, right after Jerry says, “What’s up with that?” then I cave his head in with a Louisville Slugger.

Maybe I’m not getting enough milk and cookies before beddy-bye.

In my Seinfeld dream, I have sex with Elaine. Jerry seems to be conspicously absent.