My Siamese Is Slowly Passing On Into the Night

She is almost 17 which is a good age.

She has had dementia, plus her kidneys have been failing. An assortment of medications has prolonged her life- and she has enjoyed it. She has been quite playful and really enjoys her food.

Every month she seemed to have a bad patch where she would retch for days. A trip to the vet for an anti nausea shot and possibly antibiotics.

Every time the sickness seemed to be a little more severe.

Last Thursday we took her back but nothing seems to have worked. She has not eaten since and is very lethargic. Whenever I sit on the lounge she wants to be picked up and sleep beside me.

Before she had reserves of fat to call on as she was a healthy eater. This time nothing. She is all skin and bones.

Goodbye Sanka.

Oh, Cicero, I’m sorry. :frowning:

Thanks Gleena. It is not unexpected- however it is a public holiday here on Monday so vet attention will be minimal.

I won’t see her suffer, or starve to death.

And we still have the three legged Blue Persian!

My sympathies Cicero and your post struck a chord. As I type I am in bed with my 16yr Siamese Maestro who is tucked under the duvet in my arm. He has FIV, almost no teeth, dribbles…and pays attention to everyone. He is very interesting and thinks he is a human. He greets everyone and is much loved. I don’t know how much longer he will live being on borrowed time as t’wer but he is the best.

Warmth and blessings to Sanka.

I hope Sanka passes peacefully. Sounds like a sweet kitty.

I’m so sorry, Cicero.


My sympathies. I dread the day when we and our now 18 year old cat face the same parting of the ways.

I am so sorry. It is never easy to say good-bye to a much loved pet. Please give her a scritch for me.

Cicero, that’s so very sad. :frowning: I’ll keep you and Sanka in my prayers.

So sorry, I’m in a boat much like yours only mine is still floating. I’m taking the best care that I can of my kitty, but she is up there in age too and I worry a bit more every day.

I’m sure you are giving the best care possible to Sanka, and much love, too. Good luck and take care.


I’m so sorry, Cicero. I just went down this road with my 20-year-old Miranda. I made that last, wrenching trip to the vet with her last week.

I’m sorry, it’s very hard to watch an animal fade away and try to make the decision of when to take it on that final visit to the vet. My rule of thumb is whether or not the animal is in severe distress at any time, or if the animal is having more bad days than good days. If you’re giving her the love and attention that she craves, then you’re doing right. But from your description, she’s going fast, so you’ll need to take her for that final visit pretty soon.

I’m sorry to hear this.

Please accept my condolences & heartfelt sympathy. That trip will be damn hard on you, but bite your lip hard & do it soon.
You see, she’s counting on you. Don’t let her down.*

*Says the guy whose made that trip too.

Cicero, my sympathies. :frowning:

Thanks folks, however some happy news.

I woke up expecting to bury her. She looked a little brighter but I was not getting my hopes up.

At lunchtime I heard a rattle- she was stealing the Persian’s biscuits (all cat owners know that stolen food is far more palatable then anything doled out to a specific cat).

Fast forward a few hours and I was cooking dinner. Looked behind me and she was there trying to mooch some chicken. So she has turned the corner for now.

I know this will happen again in a few weeks but hey- we have the Siamese back!

She’ll bury me I tell you.

Treasure every minute! Very glad she had a bit of a reprieve.:heart:


I had to chime in just to say I really like the name Sanka for a Siamese :slight_smile: She sounds like good folk. Enjoy her company every day, and take a couple of pictures.