My SIMs won't stay at work

Ok, I’m suffering from a strange problem with my SIMs game. I have every expansion pack as of date install (including vacation). The problem is, I cannot get my sim to go to work and stay at work. After an hour has past, he appears in a part of the top right corner of the house (without any pay I might add). I tried to eliminate the problem by repeatedly building over that spot, but he would just appear back farther. I even put flowers and a fence around the house which just resulting in him getting stuck in the flower bed. I moved to a different lot, but the problem followed. I figured it was a problem with that particular sim, so I deleted him and made a new version. This one too did the same thing. I tested this out on another sim I had made in a different lot and he too did the same thing.

I had all the games installed before and it worked fine, but I got a new motherboard/processor and had to wipe out my hard drive. This reinstallation of the game is causing the problems. Could my reinstallion have flubbed and caused a glitch in the game?

Has anyone else had this or a similar problem? Is there anything I can do to remedy it other than completely deleting and reinstalling the games? :eek:

Sounds like the lot is automatically refeshing itself for some strange reason. The only time I had this happen in my game was due to an object I downloaded (a car) that would refesh the lot every time I swept the mouse over it. Deleting the object fixed the problem.

But if it’s happening on every lot, without any downloaded objects, you probably have a bad install. I’d suggest reinstalling the game again…it certainly wouldn’t hurt, especially since you just reinstalled recently.