My sister's buying me a phone

What’s the smallest cell phone out there?

Which one has the best camera included?

Which one comes with the most memory?

Which one has the biggest texting keyboard?

Which one is the easiest to create and edit your own ringtones for?

Bonus IMHO question: Which one is, you know, the :cool:-est?

(I’m on Verizon, if that makes a difference these days.)

Go here.

The Juke is probably the smallest.

No idea about camera, but you can sort by megapixels (just click “more features”).

Not sure which one has the most internal memory, but a lot of them offer a mini SD slot, so that shouldn’t be a problem. I’m sure you can get those that are bigger than a gig these days.

The ones with QWERTYs are the Alias, the EnV, and all the BlackBerry and smart phones.

The coolest, though, by far, is the Decoy. It is a slider phone, which I insist on (I hate the clamshell “flip” phones), AND, the bluetooth earpiece is built right INTO the phone! You don’t ever have to charge your bluetooth, and it’s ALWAYS connected. That’s the one I’d recomend, for sure!

Verizon uses proprietary software, so although you don’t have to buy your phone from them, you have to buy one that’s designed for Verizon. Also, it can’t be one of the type that has a SIM card.

The “more features” on that site is really cool though, but you don’t need it, just get the Decoy. Bet your sis will buy one for herself after she sees yours. :cool:


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I would hope that if someone offered to purchase something for me,with no monetary help on my part, I wouldn’t be concentrating on what I could get out of it.

If you’re looking for the top of the line model, why not go for an I-Phone.

The iPhone doesn’t work with Verizon.

I have a Black Jack. I love it. Don’t know if verizon supports it, but it does everything. People on the bus ask me regularly what it is and notice how fast the Internet browser is (AT&T’s 3G). I got it as a factory refurb for 50 bucks.

Plus, from what I’ve seen, I’d hardly call it a top-of-the-line phone. An impressive media player/PDA with rather handy wireless capabilities (and hey, it can work as a phone!:D) , but I haven’t seen anything that made it stand out to me as an outstanding phone.

The new Treo Pro looks pretty sharp, (All the flavors of mobile wireless, plus 802.11 Wi-Fi, GPS, and it’s for sale unlocked, but I don’t think it’ll work on Verizon unless you can get a Verizon version of it. Costs about $600 from Palm.

EDIT: At the moment I’m using a Samsung i760 Windows Mobile smartphone. Great for texting (slide-out QWERTY keyboard), handy for cafe web browsing (built-in Wi-Fi), and even useful for some basic productivity stuff (A stripped-down version of Microsoft Office, Microsoft Exchange syncing, and Solitaire are all included).

Of course, the phone part of this thing is a bit lacking, but talking is a secondary concern for me with a cell phone, so YMMV.


My sister told me she’d buy me a phone, and asked me to let her know which kind I wanted. What’s your problem, dude?