My slippery sofa

I just took one more step into adulthood and maturity and bought my first non-futon sofa. It is a very nice sofa, with high-quality, chocolate brown leather (and nice wide flat arms where I can put my beer!). However, although it seemed nice and comfortable in the showroom when we test-sat in it for just a couple of minutes, in practice it is much more difficult. The leather is so smooth and shiny that my wife and I keep slipping off the damn thing! I mean it is OK if you are sitting nice and upright like you are visiting your grandmother, but at home we like to lean back, slouch, stretch out, etc. In these positions, we slide right off.

Have any other dopers had a problem like this with their sofas? Are there any products out there made for this? One obvious option is to cover the thing, but that would defeat the purpose of the cool leather…

Heh. IME, it gets somewhat less slippery as the oil gets worn off… but then you’ll need to oil it again sometime, so back to the slippy slip.

I guess you’ll just learn special techniques for sitting on a leather couch… I don’t remember not being able to stay on the couch when I wanted to (or I would just lie down)

Leather couches are lovely to look at, but really suck, imo. Any bare skin sticks to them, they get scratched easily, etc. Feh on leather couches.

A related problem is that the depth of the seat cushion (from the front of the sofa to the back rest) is a couple of inches longer than my legs, so when I want to lean against the back cushion, I actually have to lean back slightly. In addition to being a bit uncomfortable, it creates a shear force on the slippery cushion, and the rest is downhill from there…

I wonder if I can use Stickum, you know, the stuff football players used to put on their hands so the leather football doesn’t slip out…

Are you kidding? I LOVE leather couches! They’re cool, and don’t heat up much from body heat. Are you serious about them sticking? :confused:

What’s a ‘feh’? If I put one on a leather couch, will it keep me from sliding off? :smiley: