My small city is the best

Well at least according to Money Magazine.

It was just voted best place to live - Small Cities.

I like it here and have to say I agree with them. The funny thing is many of the surrounding communities think we are the most evil and horrible place around.

D’oh… thought I was in MPSIMS. I’ve reported myself for a move.

Carmel, Indiana, is evil? What, are there queers and atheists in all those back office parks?

So moved!

I don’t know which small city you’re in but your profile says Indiana. It seems to me an awful lot of people leave Indiana for *my * small city :wink:
(not that that is particularly addressed in the article; I just meet a heck of a lot of Hoosiers)

Carmel is everything that is wrong with the world. :slight_smile:

-Munch, (Indianapolis)

You meet everybody in St. Pete. Everybody but people from the upper midwest, anyway. They prefer to sunbird it in a dry climate.

Doug is right… it is Carmel, IN. I know many of our residents relocate to the area near you at least for one week in the spring.

As far as being evil… we are fairly receptive of diversity (at least by Indiana standards). We also tend to do things that aren’t normally done elsewhere in the state (Hoosiers are typically very conservative and hesitant to change) like changing stop light intersections to round abouts, and investing heavily in the arts.

Another reason for some of the hate is that Indiana is really into High School sports, and we tend to dominate. This tends to form a rivalry which means they are practically required to hate us.

Hey Munch… I’m sure you believe the stereotype that we are all rich snobs. You really should come up and visit our town sometime. PM me when you want to come up and I’ll send you the gate code :slight_smile:

Over 244,000 people is a small city? Since when? I mean…yeah, it’s clearly not a large city, but I’d say it’s pretty much “average” city-sized.

Besides, if you include the whole St.Petersburg/Tampa area, you’re well over 2 million.

Hell, I just looked at Money’s listings, and it didn’t even consider any cities with populations less than 50,000! The Hell? How does that work?

“Oh, we’re ranking small cities, but not actual small cities…just regular cities that don’t break half a million.”

Because of that, the actual best city in the US didn’t qualify. :stuck_out_tongue:
Do they consider anything under 50,000 just a “town”? I guess growing up in a rural area conditions you to think under 10,000 (possibly only 5,000 if it’s a real rural area) is a town, and over that is a city.

Perish the thought.

I don’t know what actually constitutes a “small city”; I was just having fun.

I’m quite surprised Bend, OR isn’t in the list. I love that place.

Redmond’s inclusion kind of surprised me. Yeah, it’s a nice place, but it’s kind of hard to tell where Redmond ends and the rest of Seattle begins.