My son did the Snoopy dance today

You know what I’m talking about…that dance where his feet are kind of fluttering inches above the ground.

My son is very into Cartoon Network’s “Ben 10.” He collects the action figures, and he’s always wanted the “Stinkfly” figure, but it happens to be very rare. A while ago, we spotted some less-rare action figures at Wal-Mart that he didn’t have, and he knew we had a “Ripjaws” figure sitting around, waiting to be earned through some good behavior.

Well, unbeknownst to him, we went on eBay and won an auction for Stinkfly and two other very rare figures at a reasonable price. We had reason to reward him today, so we took him aside, and handed him an action figure package, back facing him. He was sure it was Ripjaws…which he would have appreciated as well…

then he turned the package over and saw it was Stinkfly. Snoopy dance ensued, plus a smile about twice as wide as the state of Nebraska.

There’s nothing in the world better than knowing you made someone happy like that.

Heh. Did you get a picture of it?

I’m 29, and I still do a variant of that dance when I get an action figure I really wanted!

I wish I did get a picture, having the camera on hand would have been smart.

BBVL, I’m sure you do…I know you’re very into super-hero action figures…is Ben 10 within the scope of your collection as well? The show is very well written, but you can tell that the constant expansion of Ben’s “hero set” (what’s he up to now, 15? 16?) is merchandising-driven.

I used to do that just for the hell of it until I forgot how after my PITA brother broke my leg.