My son starts kindergarten tomorrow

I posted on this board when my son was born. Well, five and a half years later, he starts kindergarten tomorrow. Amazing how time flies.

Good luck! Did he do preschool or is this all super new to him?

Awww…what a special day. I still recall every detail about my two boys’ first days. One couldn’t wait and ran off without even a ‘bye, mom’ but the other was just a little timid and gave me an extra strong hug.

Good times. :slight_smile:

Cue up the obligatory performance of Sunrise, Sunset

Totally unrelated to the topic of the thread but this reference caused me to begin surfing around on the subject of Fiddler on the Roof. And I’m astonished to discover that Topol was only thirty-five when he played Tevye.

He did two years of preschool so the idea of school is not new to him. He’s super excited. I hope it goes well.

The ratio of parents to kids crying the first day is 50-50. I hope *you *get through it OK.

I remember our oldest getting on the bus for school the first time. His last first day is Monday; next time it’s college.

Well, I dropped him off this morning and I think it went well. His teacher is very nice.

When my son started kindergarten I told him to enjoy it, cause it was all downhill from there. He laughed.