My son's mother is moving to south-Korea...with him!!

Some context : my son is an adorable and bright (would you have doubted it?) 5 yo. Her mother has the custody, but he stays with me fairly often. I was picking him up at the library this afternoon.

I’m waiting for them in the hall and here he comes :slight_smile: :slight_smile: . I take him up and we have some iddle chit-chat. At some point, he briefly adresses me in a foreign language (he’s bilingual, his mother being foreign-born) and I comment on his gift for languages. He announces me proudly that he will soon know Korean too. Korean ? Why would he learn Korean?? :confused:

I turn toward his mother and she announces she’ll be moving soon to South Korea (something she had not mentionned before). I immediatly perceive the implications : I’m not going to see anymore my son on a regular basis. At best I will have him during the vacations :frowning: I’m completely devastated :frowning: :frowning: .

So devastated that I wake up. I had been dreaming the whole thing. I don’t have a son (nor a daughter for that matter), let alone a 5 yo (the age is a guesstimate based on the kid’s behavior). His mother exists, however. She’s an acquaintance that I haven’t met in years, and never have been my gf or something similar. She isn’t a foreigner, either. And AFAIK, she’s still childless.

I’m completely baffled. Not only I created a son out of thin air, giving him a solid background, but also I felt strongly enough for him to be mightily pissed off upon being told that I wouldn’t be able to be with him as often as I used to :confused: .

It’s been an hour or so, and I still miss the kid… :smack:

Man, what a weird dream! I had something similar happen - I dreamt that my husband (who actually exists, at least) had died many weeks prior, and I was going through the long weeks without him, being miserable, trying to go on without the man who’s also my best friend, etc. It felt like time had really passed in the dream, and I was just torn up emotionally. The feeling was so strong that when I woke up, I just sighed disconsolately about yet another day without my husband and how hard it was. Then I realized someone was in bed with me, and my heart leapt as I realized it was him, and then my feelings crashed again as I “realized” I must be dreaming, as he was dead. It took me a couple seconds to process that his death and the “weeks” of time since were the part that was the dream, and the grief I felt was just residual emotion from that, and he was actually alive and there in bed with me. It took all I had to not hug him right then and wake him out of his sound sleep, plus I was thrown off for at least that day because I still felt like I’d been grieving.

Maybe in a parallel universe, there is a clairobscur who married the lady you dreamt, gave birth to a son, and then divorced. When you sleep, you transcends the barrier that prevail between the parallel universes, and you catch a glimpse of how the ‘other’ you is doing.

Well, that’s just outrageous, she can’t do that to you or to him, the poor, little guy. You need to go get yourself a lawyer and

stop eating bean burritos before bed.
I hope you get a happy ending tonight. I’m a sucker for those happy endings.

Hey, clairobscur, if you can write down enough details, you ought to be able to sell it to Lifetime as a script for their Tear-Jerker of the Week. Of course, you’ll have to switch the roles of the mother and father …

that could explain why I frequently dream departed family members are still alive and time has passed normally for them as it has for me and we all still live together

If dreams represent our life experiences in parallel universes, there are some really weird universes out there.

But on the bright side, there’s also a universe where Ewan McGregor just can’t get enough of me. :wink:

Dreams *are *weird. All the years before I had my daughter I would have these incredibly vivid dreams in which I was a mother to a little girl who would tell me in every dream how a godawful mother I was. Now that I do have a daughter I have never dreamt of her.

In other dreams my husband has abandoned me, living me very hurt and depressed, and then I wake up with him at my side and I am still just as hurt and depressed. It takes me a few hours to get it out of my system.

And what’s up with those dreams in which I get a call from my Alma Mater and they inform me that I flunked that Statistics exam (that I took 15 years ago), and if I don’t take it again I’ll have to return my diploma? :mad:

Please ignore the ten million typos in the post above. You just dreamt it.

I had a dream in which me and this girl were deeply in love and blissfully happy. Then this other girl, who was jealous of our happiness, lied to my girlfriend and told her I had been unfaithful. My girlfriend broke up with me, saying she could never trust me again. I was sobbing and sobbing, desperately trying to make her understand that I loved her and would never cheat on her.

When I woke up, I was still genuinely upset and it took me several minutes to remember that not only had there been no breakup, but that I had never had a girlfriend and I am not, in fact, a lesbian. I swear to god though, if I ever come across that lying bitch in a future dream…

I once dreamt my best friend stole my boyfriend. I was mad at her all day when I woke up, and she told me that I was perfectly within my dream rights to kick her ass next time I dreamt about her.

You’re a guy? I always assumed you were female.

Maybe your ‘biological clock’ is ticking rather loudly.

I once had a dream that this really smart, ambitious, overachieving kid from my high school kept sneaking into my house to steal my guitar amps. In the dream, I’d wake up and feel freaked out and violated because we had been burglarized, but only my amp was stolen. I’d buy another one, lock all the doors and windows, but he’d eventually take that one too. After that, I could never stand that kid in real life. He was pretty obnoxious, and once I called him a “lousy amp thief.” Of course he had no idea what I was talking about, but it ended the argument.

If dreams are a way into another reality, then somewhere I realy am a wizard. And it is also possible to be more awesome than I am now.

Ooooooh, I like this theory and wish to subscribe to your newsletter.

Years ago, long before I married and even longer before I had a daughter, I had a dream that I had a baby - it was so vivid, I really felt the loss when I woke up - it was unnerving.

But not as unnerving as the time I dreamed my friend Mary had a baby, and her mother gave it to me because I was more responsible than Mary. Which I am, but still…

That means somewhere there’s a universe in which I taught an emu to do the Time Warp dance.

I once dreamed that I caught my husband in bed with another woman. I was so mad when I woke up I kicked the hell out of him.

Him (groggy, bleary-eyed and bewildered): What?? What’d I do?
Me: You son of a bitch!

We both got a good laugh out of it later, though.

And here, until reading the end of the OP, I was about to write you a highly indignant post, telling you to march straight to court and not give up lightly. :slight_smile: Hey, everyone needs a spare Jewish mother, right? Even if she’s an agnostic, and not actually a mother?